Blogger of the Week #5

Meet a riddhiculous blogger

Today’s blogger is particular because she is young at the same time ‘veteran.’ I call her that because she has been part of the blogging world for over a decade now. Eleven years is a long time. Meet the completely riddhiculous blogger Riddhi from

A digital strategist, entrepreneur, journalist and a teacher by profession. She is a multi-tasker. Her blog is full of interesting anecdotes from her new found love of ‘motherhood’ to corporate culture gyan. She writes about everything, and her creativity knows no bounds. She is witty, a livewire of energy and intense at the same time. On her blog, you can find verse and prose in Hindi and English which give her an above edge.

Meet Riddhi and know more about her journey.

 Q1. How long have you been Blogging for?

A. I have been blogging for 11 years. It all started in my first year of college, and after that, there has been no looking back. But, I have not been regular, I hibernate often.

Q2. What inspires you the most to write?

A2. Writing is the best ‘venting out’ platform. Be it about the personal life or the situations around me. I write when I am extremely happy, or I am morose. I write when I am excited, and I write when I am feeling weak. Perhaps, this is the only way of expression I know, that is straight to the heart. Reading new books inspire me to write more often.

Q3. How has life changed post blogging?

A.3 The initial few years are very exciting. You make friends for life, you get to read a lot of ideas and enrich your mind with it. I also like the community feeling that develops over a period of time. But, now being around for a decade I feel, it is the best way to see your learning curve. When I go back ti my first post on the blog, I find it funny.

A lot has changed from the day of my first blog October 18, 2005, to January 7, 2017 (today).  I have had good, bad and ugly phases of writing. Times when words refused to come out. There have been times when my blog has sent me to a different world. Getting applauded for my creativity has often given me encouragement for life.

Q4. How do you take time out for blogging in your daily life with full-time work?

It has now become difficult. That is why the posts do not come very often.

Q5. What is better- Blogging as a profession or passion?

Blogging as a passion is definitely better for me. Because I find it too personal to turn it into a profession.

Q6. Life without blogging is…

incomplete. I miss updating the blog regularly. I miss interacting with fellow bloggers. Love it whenever I get time to get back to the spirit of blogging thanks to platforms like Indiblogger and Blogadda. There is a void and guilt for not writing regularly. I promise this year I shall be better. 🙂

Q7. Do you think post blogging you have made more friends or competitors?

Friends. Many many like-minded people who have now become the friend, philosophers, and guides.

You can connect with her here Twitter:
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16 thoughts on “Blogger of the Week #5

  1. Thank you for featuring me here. I admire your spirit for connecting people and creating a friendly world for all of us. Love the way you continue to smile. All the best for the journey ahead and also for making me part of this journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So much love its my pleasure to feature you, as our friends doesnt know you are blogging from more than ten years though new @wordpress . Thank you for the valuable time from your busy schedule ☺


    1. Thank you for your humility Sir, Blog has become very essential part of my Life and these fellow bloggers are like adding chapters to it .. Thank you for motivating me your words keep me going

      Liked by 1 person

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