I may need you or not, or shall I say

Leave me not, and never let me go away

Walk the path of life with me together

we shall find love, the perfect way

To share the same fate and feel the same vibes ,

photo frame (c) Nivedita

To share the same thoughts and similar lines

To share the same memories of the lonely nights

To understand each other and resolve the small fights

random sketch (c) Nivedita

We are so far yet so near, so near yet so far, My dear

I create my own fairy tale, You are mine, I know 

I am yours I know, but losing you is the only fear 

After meeting you I came to know, 

Who and what the ” Soulmates” are


#photo # sketching

24 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. You are amazing. You should assemble these and put them into a book. But don’t do Vanity Press, for most do not market your work, they just print it. Or you can start with an online free press. Like or and there should be some more. Yes I apologize if it does not sound right but you have improved tremendously but I should have known you would.


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