End to begin 

A day ends to start a night and night begins to start a new day ..

A thoughtful thought on beginning to end ,and end to begin.. when ones love ends, others begins .. 

A true love is ..when his first name ends ,her firstname begins and her first name ends ,his lastname begins .. 

A true love  is where her thoughts ends ,his care begins and where his care ends ,her love begins..

A true love is where her needs suffices and his needs ends ,and when his needs suffices, their happiness begins .. 

A true love is .. A band of love,where his band binds  her in his  Life ,and her band binds him in hers .. 

Completes each other completely  as a whole… Nivedita”

52 thoughts on “End to begin 

      1. Crazy lady, you are so funny, God bless you. But don’t diminish my praise. It is from the heart. This is a masterpiece you have written here (there she runs to double check in disbelief LOL)


  1. I am not going to say anything, just reading, cherishing, reading, cherishing,reading, cherishing……
    Every word is so touching and reaching the depth of the heart. Having the magical mesmerising effect. The finest I have ever read/felt/experienced. Lucky are the true ones to have found each another, Stay blessed. None of this is to flatter you but direct dil se.

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      1. Artificial hearts kidhar milte hain? Do char main bhi kharid ke lagwa leta hoon 😜😜😜
        Amazing bond of friendship this is 🙏 Aapko aur aapke khass mitra ko sadar pranam. Thanks to you for such a wonderful gem.

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  2. I am assuming that the beautiful hand and the wring belongs to you 😉
    What an amazing thought. You have redefined love in ways that you do best.
    Scattered thoughts that one can connect easily to. Dots…. that we have to look back and connect to complete ourselves. And love, one major of all. 🙂
    Beautiful. One word …… Serene !! :*

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    1. Thanku Sonu for your kind words hope u find one soon and elope .. 😉 and yes the hand and the band is mine and so are the thoughts and feelings.. We write what we experience.. Glow of hope was the english version of my poem Nivedita and this one is just the beginning..

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