World  खोना-पाना 

We live in a World which seems so big to us , truth is it is very small .

We meet people we never thought of , and loose them when we never expect. 

 They are not lost,  just that we can’t see them because we are still at the same place and they moved on . So far so fast that visibility becomes poor and all  seems blurred .. 

हम थम गये , वो बढ़ते चले गए … मुड़्के देखने तक फ़ासला इतना बढ़ गया कि सब धूमिल हो गया..

And as said “Time is the best healer”  it heals every wound we start living with the pace of life and when we learn to live without them , they again knock our door and today we think Oh ! World is so small . Today they are here and we moved on .

तुम थक गये ,कारवाँ चलता गया … लौटने तक फ़ासला इस क़द्र बढ़ गया कि सब ओझल हो गया… “निवेदिता”


5 responses to “World  खोना-पाना ”

  1. A rephrased convenient version of a quote – The whole world is a stage, a smaller stage than we thought it used to be. And in time, we are all bound to meet, somewhere on that stage to play our roles, to entertain each other like we do here.

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    1. Very true .. We are the puppets in the hands of the Almighty .

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  2. A bi-lingual post…that’s really great! And, yes, world is really a small place…and it’s becoming smaller each day, at least virtually… 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the kind words dear I am obliged 🙂 with the generosity

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  3. Good work. And in both languages, wow. And very meaningful. I like the fast and the blur thing, creative.

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