I am

‪I am .. ‬

I am, what I am ?

I am , what I am…
‪I am , Who I am ? ‬

‪I am ,Who I am …‬
‪I am , I want to be ? ‬

I am , I want to be ..‬
‪I am, I will be ?‬

‪I am ,I will be ..

I am , the way I am ..” Nivedita”

Accept me , as I am .. “Nivedita”



मैं मीरा बन तड़प रही ,

वो गोपियों संग रचाए रास,

दूर बसी क्यूँ मीरा भाए ?

जब रहते राधा के पास ;

 मैं प्रेम में जोगन बनी , 

उनके मन को गोपी ही भाए ।

 मैं उनका नाम रटते नहीं थकती , 

उनको मेरा नाम नहीं भाए । 

पूजूँ नित प्रातःनिशि मध्याह्न , पर कान्हा तो रहा छलियासिर्फ़ दूसरों का ही रहता ध्यान ।। “निवेदिता”..

Rangilo Rajasthan-2 

Wandering back in memory lane I remember visiting the desert farms  with Dadu, to feed grains to  the peacocks and see them dance with full colour on. 


In the summer vacations , it was a custom to visit Rajasthan with dadu and we were so fond of sleeping under the nacked sky 🌌 on the roof . In the morning we used to get up by the sounds of chirping of birds and screaming of Peacocks. 

They used to shed their feathers and we used to collect them to take along .  

This was a very usual scene around , Peacoks were seen dancing and screaming  in the groups , today they are afraid of us . 

They are invisible ,because Human being have become their enemies .

People are killing them for their meat and beautiful feathers, instead of collecting them when they shed . 

This time I was lucky to have a glance of few of them .

Those have just become memories now as we don’t get to see either of them, Dadu, farms and peacocks. “Nivedita “

Women in India 

Since last few days, I have been thinking that our motherland, ‘Bharat’, is so Magnanimous, Diverse yet unique and simple. 

There are several colourful festivals celebrated in various parts of our vast nation. 

The citizens of our country love and respect for everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or religion and especially for women.Inspite of these so many good values all bad effects of alien culture can be seen a bit here and there. 

GANGOUR(festival) is celebrated in western part of Bharat, in Rajasthan. In Bikaner and Jaipur, one can see , fetes and fun fares being organized, where large number of people gather, to mark the festivity . 

Devi Gangour is a incarnation of Goddess Durga and her husband ,’Ishwarji’ is none other than Lord Shiva. In this festival, girls and women, married or unmarried are seen well-dressed and draped in ethnic jewellery and traditional ornaments . People specially young teenage girls and married women worship Gangour for 16 days with water and durba (holy grass). On the 16th day, the girls are given special treatment by being gifted things like ornaments, delicious food and new clothes.
In Bharat , I observe that most of the festivals are for girls and women , there are only a few occasions which are mostly for men, like HOLI (people put dry or wet colours on each other). Holi is also celebrated by women but not by themselves; generally our males involve them . GANGOUR, NAVRATRI, DURGA ASHTAMI , RAKSHA BANDHAN, TEEJ and KARVA CHOUTH all glorify the women hood.


Sometimes, I see silver lining among grief. In a land where the new born girl child is made to sleep forever or is made to say goodbye from this earth by way of ‘Dudh Piladena’ or by killing in womb, the females are also worshiped as Durga , Lakhsmi , Sharda and by various names.


We have numerous festivals which gives importance to the feminine existence. I take pride in stating that we also have States which provides female dominance in the Society. Our seven sister states of North East India are testimony to it. 

In the state of Meghalaya, the families derive there title from there Mother’s family name. The boy goes to the girl’s house after marriage and help his spouse in household shores and take care of in-laws.


The girls are not confined within the four walls of the house ; they go out to earn there livelihood. In majority of the cases, they are the bread winners. This is a true form of modernity and a beautiful example that if given a chance, the women are second to none and can even perform better than men Mother’s sir name passes to the kids and the property passes to the youngest daughter . This tradition is followed by both the Khasi and Jayantia tribes .


I am glad to bring this up today on the Women’s day , when every one is busy showing the negative side of India fighting for equality for women .


I wish “Ma Bharti ” a Happy women’s day paying my regards to the indebted love and care she has given to me , obliging me by letting me grow on this ancient “Land of Karma and Dharma “in the arms of Mother Nature. “Nivedita”


Add Fizz to life 😍🥂..

Life is just like the bubbles, rising upside in a Fizz drink 🍹. Thoughts and emotions are the small bubbles which keep on bubbling in mind  , rise through our efforts and lead to rise towards success. 

नन्हें बुल्बुलों से उठते मेरे भाव,

तल से ऊपर उठना है स्वभाव ,

ख़ुशियाँ जोड़ूँ, रंगों का एहसास..

बुल्बुलों की तरह जियो ज़िंदगी 

कभी खट्टी ,कभी लाए  मिठास .. “निवेदिता” 🙂 

#Book Review 

Love ❤️ 

The Key to Optimism

In my last post I gave an overview to all my fellow mates about the Book I received and read. Today I share the honest review with no honey coating .

Roshan D. Bhondekar the Author of the book , an engineer by proffession and a writer by passion , who is determined to bring positive change in Society by focusing on Social Development.

It took him 4-5 years in writing and completing his book , which he started in 2011 and completed by 2015 , His book reached even White House and . Its real pleasure to review his book .

I was just astonished by reading the depth of understanding which Roshan has for the different aspects of life. The difficult situations which we face are explained with reasoning, helping us to make the right approach. The right aptitude towards personal life, professional life and and assimilation of the same with right amount of balance is explicitly shown.

HAPPINESS as per the book is H -Honesty, A-Ability, P-Prosperity, P-Positivity, I-Intellectuality, N-Nobility, E-Enormity, S-Security and s-Sensitivity. 

The importance of each word and how we can move forward towards these virtues have been properly guided.

A line which impressed me the most is Emotion- is nothing but ethical motion. The motion which gives indication about your ethics is known as emotion. 

With the circle of emotion, book tries to help us with the various levels of emotion. 

The book covers definition for almost every word and letters in that word .
It says ‘Area of Circle’ in life stretches to Family, Friends and Neighbours whereas ‘Circle of Influence’ to Society, State, City, Countries, Culture. 

The book cautions on choosing the Area of Circle and explains how it can be enhanced to the later.

 VISION is very important in life. Book guides you on the same ,  one should have vision for Self, Family, Relatives, Career and Social Life. Goal and Objectives should be then set to achieve convert the Vision into Reality.
Page number 232 describes the characteristics of commitment VS. Controversy, which one should read and review again and again , not only this it considered micro issues  of life insisting on Spirituality, Humanity,killing Ego ….
Kind of guiding the reader in self analysis.

Arrogance as per the author can harm you, in ways more than you can imagine. We should never let Arrogance and Pride take us for a ride, they will leave us ‘nowhere’. Understanding is the best way to have a control over situations. All successful Managers and Leaders have one thing in common and this is ‘Understanding’, the more you accumulate the more successful you are. 
TIME, that Life is but an interval before death. Book explains that everyone needs to spend their time. Some are passing time making money, others by earning  name and fame, manging family, state or courntries, every activity is ‘time pass’. Nothing would be carried further except mental impressionss. Time management and learning from failures is the key to happiness.

Book 📚 has touched every corner of the change in social aspects , like at the end even the change brought in by Information Technology in the society, How it is linked with Society and Last but not the least how Technology can lead Life bringing change through Positivity and leads to Happiness. 

I strongly recommend that everyone should read it atleast thrice and practice sincerely the guidelines to the get benefit in their personal life. 

Sometimes it takes years to understand intricate things and when it is too late we cannot make the wrong as right, the reason being time has elapsed but if you read this book then I am sure that you definitely will be avoiding unpleasant events and the array of situation resulting therefrom.

Information and communication systems are changing and questioning the very basis of the way we think , we live and we transact with society. Offcourse life is improving and bringing convenience at doorstep due to free flow of information ; just a click away. However this is also fraught with dangers of destabilising the tradition and culture. Sometimes it appears as if we are floating in the sea of change ; this is taking a tremendous toll on human psyche as every change brings initial discomfort to deal with it . Hence positivity in individuals as well as the community as a whole  is getting extremely relevant .

Author has analysed and dealt with every aspect of human behaviour in an extremely deftfull manner thus providing very usual manual for guidance in practising virtuous living.

* suggestion to the Author is to print a small booklet of abstract or guidelines at the back to make it easier in re reading the book while  practicing the 🔑 key lines in the process of self reviewing …. “Nivedita”