गाँव की वो डोली 

वो छतों की डोलियाँ जिन्हें फलंगते थे कभी पतंग लूटने को .. वो गलियाँ आज सूनी पड़ी हैं , बस बची हैं वो बारियाँ वो किवाड़, वो लोह लक्कड़ .. सब घरों में दुबकें हैं TV कम्प्यूटर , whatsap , खेल भी indoors खेलने वाले भी IN doors..

वो कटुक नीम की निम्बोरी , वो मंझों में उलझे तार , वो सहेलियां, सायकिलों की घंटियाँ लगाती आपस में होड़ , वो भगवाँ झंडा मंदिर की प्रभात फेरी , वो झाँझ की आवाज़ , वो कूकती कोयल और वो बोलते मोर , और सबके हम बीच फलाँगते डोलियाँ .. आज सब यादें हैं और हैं बस सन्नाटा

Rangilo Rajasthan-2 

Wandering back in memory lane I remember visiting the desert farms  with Dadu, to feed grains to  the peacocks and see them dance with full colour on. 


In the summer vacations , it was a custom to visit Rajasthan with dadu and we were so fond of sleeping under the nacked sky 🌌 on the roof . In the morning we used to get up by the sounds of chirping of birds and screaming of Peacocks. 

They used to shed their feathers and we used to collect them to take along .  

This was a very usual scene around , Peacoks were seen dancing and screaming  in the groups , today they are afraid of us . 

They are invisible ,because Human being have become their enemies .

People are killing them for their meat and beautiful feathers, instead of collecting them when they shed . 

This time I was lucky to have a glance of few of them .

Those have just become memories now as we don’t get to see either of them, Dadu, farms and peacocks. “Nivedita “

Rangilo Rajasthan 

On the festival of Colours “Holi ” bringing the colours of life from the colourful State Rajasthan .. 

The Land of colours, happiness fathoms in the nature.
Music, colours and culture is the essence of the Rural land. Whenever I get a chance to visit I feel not to return back, the chirping of birds and whooshing of wind in the bright Sunlight makes one feel like capturing every minute in your eyes.

Dharti Dhoran Ri .. Land of Sand dunes 

Moochon Walo e Nawab ..:)

Padharo sa Mhare Des🙏 “Nivedita”

Welcome to our Land 🙏”Nivedita”