How to Defeat the Low Syndrome

Some days are cloudy some are sunny not all are the same. It may so happen that one may feel low or sad sometimes even without reason, what I feel is that one should not keep the feelings with oneself. Express it with someone who can listen and advise you the best but if you have no one to share then share it with your diary or even tell a wall but do it.

The journey from SPO2 -48  to 97 wasn’t easy for me that too in a situation where no medical facilities were available but God was kind enough to send Samaritans to help me out. When I heard the new variant is out fear of losing dear ones loomed large again and there was a feeling of anguish, sadness, disappointment and resentment which I have never been associated with because I am an optimist who believes that there’s always a silver lining.

To ease down the sadness I tried to paint, write but still couldn’t concentrate then I shared it with my friends whom I know will keep my secret with them, though I don’t have many friends just a few. I realised that one needs to resolve the situation oneself other than just sharing.

The Question is How to? With me being a hyperactive person sitting idle itself makes me sad so I choose to go on a work spree.

One has to find what goes right for oneself. I try every possible thing I think will help.

1. I paint that helps me, transcend into a different world. When this doesn’t help.

2. I write. I write my heart out but sometimes I get the mental blockage which I call a writer’s block.

3.I switch over then to Cooking and this certainly works because while  cooking you forget everything and simply get involved with the task like I did today.

Last but not the least that I do and which works 100 per cent wth me every time and I think it will help everyone : Drinking a lot of water and cleaning your home or the workplace. Trust means this works like Magic.

So whenever you feel low go and find what is therapeutic for you.

Jyotsna “Nivedita”