Last Few Days “Death”

Hello Friends, How are you? I was away for a while as I was fighting with our new invisible virus 🦠 demon friend COVID

From last one year I haven’t visited anyone, nor has anybody visited us but how it entered our house is still a mystery. On 16th April my Father- in- law was inflicted with cold, cough and his eyes were red. It alarmed me and with the consultation of the Doctor we started his medication, to avoid his doubt and tension we decided not to tell him and treat him secretly.

We told him it’s a mild flu as he is nearly 90 yr old. His Heart conditions are not very good and he can’t do anything of his own. After his reports came positive, I did not allow anyone near him and personally took care of him. All the family members were isolated as everyone was infected by that time. While nursing him, I got infected so badly that on the 16th day he was cured but my situation got worst. I went for test, as it was my 13th day, my COVID report came Negative but I was still in high fever, 103-104 for constant four days. On the fourth day my oxygen spo2 level started dropping below 78 and all day it remained 87-88. At night it dropped at the level of 48 and I got unconscious.. This is the moment when I was sleeping and in my subconscious mind I saw a shadow who was pulling me towards him and I magnetically got swayed away, sleeping in his lap.

Suddenly I heard a voice of my daughter screaming “Mumma” and she shooked me. The eco and the anguish in her voice created the force to pull me back from the Demon’s lap, instilling the life in me. I saw her sitting beside me with her Dad and calling Doc for help. I was dying but as we all know “Doc is the God on Earth” my Brother Dr. Prashant Rai and Our family Doctor Dr. Ashwani Mehta called up and started the medication but the biggest problem what we faced was organising oxygen cylinders for survival and after the fight of eight days I am on the Path of Recovery. Steroids are being reduced and injectables removed, I am now managing to breath more than 6-7 hrs without oxygen support during the day.

Sharing the experience in few lines with you all. I am grateful to the Universe and God for whatever I have today .. I can breathe and I am alive amongst my family 🙏

Fascinating it was

The soft tender arms 

Holding me tight,

embracing softly,

Cozily I was falling 

In the warm hug,

Smiling at me it said

Come darling! let’s go ..

I smiled and holded it back

Lazily sleeping and murmuring 

Wait! let me rest for a while..

Just like this in your lap.. 

Holding the waist carrased.. 

Minutes later it said 

Time to go baby .. ‘Come’

Suddenly I heard 

Deep anguished voice “Mumma”..

Loud voice shooked me and I saw

That shadow fading away 

I was craving for it more 

But the echo kept the shadow cast away .. 

Was it a dream or hallucination? 

I was happy and smiling .. ready to go

Unless that loud voice of my daughter 

Stopped me from going along 

I sensed the chilling wave once it left

I was cold to death..

“Nivedita” jyotsna