Last Few Days #Part2

I am amazed at the sequence of events that unfolded. The hapazard turn of events is quite unimaginable for a layman. On 27th April, my temperature was 104 and SpO2 at 96. On 28th April it was 101 and n 29th 102. On 30th too the fever did not subside. Along with paracetamol, I was also taking steroids. The dose of steroids were increased gradually with each passing day. In the test done on 30th April, my report of Covid was negative.

On the night of 3rd May, my SpO2 dipped to 46 but gradually improved to 79. I was informed that it has to be maintained above 90 otherwise it is an immediate case for ICU. My HRCT score was 17, it was past 12 midnight but I could not bring the SpO2 above 80. Co-ordination with doctors was established and calls for SOS were made to every possible place. Neither was there any bed available nor was any provisional oxygen cylinder available. The state of helplessness felt was deafening.
The saturation came in mid 80s a hour later. In the morning, the term flowmeter, regulator and high flow mask were learnt for the first time. Cylinder and all these things were procured in a panic state from different sources. Things were with us by 9am but no one was there who could fit them and make them work. It was ultimately 10am that we managed to get it set-up by someone. The cylinder was exhausted within two hours. We were back to square one. Then started the rush for procurement, arrangement and re-filling and it seemed to be a long process. The sorry state of affairs of the Government was totally exposed. I appeal to the Government to improve the situation of oxygen supply and medical facilities so that no one has to undergo such mental trauma.

In this one month’s journey, I have seen a lot of ups and downs but happy note is that I am already on the road to recovery. The process seems very slow, saturation has somehow reached 92 and the goal is 94. I have been benefited with nothing except the steroids. More than 800mg of steroids already being taken by me orally and by injectables. With gradual reduction in Steroids, I am facing new problems every day, weakness and lethargic are the new words added to my life for the moment

Weight gain is another issue I have already started facing .. I am bloating like a balloon 🎈 😂

Positivity is a part of me and my strong will and determination will let me jump on my feet very soon and start my daily chores as before..!

Concluding my blog with a ray of hope.. Hope of recovery and peace Let’s pray for all those people struggling and fighting with this invisible demon… Jyotsna “Nivedita”