HINDOL “Series”

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As we all very well know #India has a myriad of landscapes, great heritage and culture, varied flora and fauna. The country is the most preferred tourist destinations for tourists.

Today, I am taking you all for a virtual tour to a Heritage Town #Hindol In #Odisha which has all the above mentioned features to make it #Incredible. I will be posting many interesting pictures and stories regarding #IncredibleHindol in the coming week.

Hindol was home to the Hindol princely state with the Odisha States. Agency during the British Raj. After the East India Company occupied Odisha in September–October 1803, treaties were signed with estates of the region, including Hindol State.

After independence of India, it merged into Republic of India in 1947.
The State was founded in 1554 by two brothers named Purna Chandra Jenamani and Udhab Deb Jenamani, scions of the family of the Khemdi Raja in Ganjam.

After gaining control over the area, the elder brother Purna Chandra bequeathed the throne to Raja Udhab Deb Jenamani who ruled as the first King of Hindol while Purna Chandra retired from public life and took up residence in the Village Balimi under the newly formed kingdom of Hindol.
The Raja maintains a military force of 148 infantry and 2 guns (in 1893).

Present Head of HINDOl Is Raja SHAILENDRA NARAYAN SINGH Deo Mardaraj Jagadev, Raja Saheb of Hindol since 12th July 1991. Born 16th May 1963 in Cuttack, educated at St Joseph Convent, Bhubaneswar, Rajkumar College, Raipur and then Stewart School, Bhubaneswar, married 23rd November 1987 in Lucknow, Rani Sukriti Prabha Singh Deo, daughter of Raja Dinesh Pratap Singh of Kasmanda.

We had an opportunity to know a lot of interesting stories about HINDOl from Raja Shailendra Narayan Singh in his own words. He has shared his childhood memories with us which we are going to share with you in this week so keep yourself tuned with #Bhaatdaal to know more and read more about our “Incredible Hindol” in our #HindolSeries.

*Jenamoni title indicates immediate brother of the Emperor.

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