Beautiful leheriya Saree 😍. Leheria is symbolic for the showers of monsoon in Rajasthan and is worn specially in the monthof Savan as a symbol of prosperity, faith and honouring Devi Parvati. On Teej Sinjara it’s a tradition to gift Leheria from Inlaws to the newly weds.

As a tradition and symbol of love, women gift each other leheriya saree or outfits. Especially the newly wedded Bride or the Bride to be is gifted a leheriya by her Mother in law. This is also known as “Sinjara“.

In earlier times and even now in small towns of Rajasthan, when the Peacock calls and the rain clouds thunder; all the women gather, sing, swing, dance and celebrate the onset of monsoon. 

The celebrations and the prayers of Hariyali Teej are dedicated to the Goddess Parvati for her union with Lord Shiva. Women also pray for the health and prosperity of their husband and family at this time. Some also fast during this time. 

Leheriya now has become popular globally and is made in various color combinations and styles. But for Sinjara even today, Rani Mothda is a must. Rani Motda is the most traditional style of leheriya and popular too. 

There are different types of Leheriya Saree “Rani Mothda” is the famous one. Rani means Magenta colour and Mothda is the tie dyed with Moth bean.

Leheriya is tied and dyed here in Rajasthan itself. Now the same is also available in printed form, but it is no match to the handmade tie, dye and colors. 

8 thoughts on “Leheriya

      1. Great info about लहरिया साडी , सिंधारा और हरियाली तीज, I have childhood memories about these great Marwari traditions and as the time changes customs do change but still we manages to a certain extent!
        Thanks for sharing!

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        1. Thank you So much Sir we Marus may change to any extent but I am proud that we don’t forget our customs and traditions. I have never lived in Rajasthan ever but no matter what never missed any customs and traditions. Always followed with a little alterations.
          Thank you so much for your kind words and humility Sir 🙏 Regards.

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