Human Nature

Every human being is different in nature
Some are creative, some enquisite and some  Indifferent.

The Indifferent ones are the cold ones,
Untouched by any surge of emotion,
Just like the solitary rock in the middle of the stream,
Staying cold as ever inspite of the repeated and gentle strokes of the streams.

The Indifferent ones are as cold as Rock,
Neither understanding the joy of life nor the sorrow of death,
The heart as icy as could be and head hot as molten lava,
Neither melting with compassion nor understandable with love.

Some thoughts are beyond their comprehension,
Or they just pretend to be an idiot,
Heart staying tough and mind hollow,
Neither they understand anything nor they do as said,
Really, the indifferent ones.

Jyotsna “Nivedita”

2 thoughts on “Human Nature

    1. Yes.. with time I have seen sensitive people getting sensitive and soft heart becoming cold as ice.. In these difficult time I have seen people doing business on medicines, beds, dead bodies.. That’s the best example I can give. 😊


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