मन मोहन

ज्योत्स्ना “निवेदिता”

अंधकूप महा भयान
छाया आत्म अभिमान
घोर तिमिर पारावर
काल पर होकर सवार
मचा रहा है हाहाकार
हर और छाया है रुदन
स्वान करते हैं क्रंदन
सब के बीच एक कोमल
“मन” सुंदर मेरा मोहन
बैठ मधुर मधुर मुस्काए
एक डोर प्रेम की हिलाए
दूजा मधुर बांसुरी बजाए
सबकी रक्षा करने वाला
जाने कैसा खेल रचाए

25 thoughts on “मन मोहन

  1. Hello my friend 🤟😂. I don’t mean to post here again but did you see my reply to you about where I live?. I posted it to one of your comments but I didn’t followed up on it whilst we were chatting yesterday haha 👍😅

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      1. Great my friend I am happy to meet you as well 👍😂l. And I also read your “Last Few Days “Death” blogs, both par1 and part 2, since I remembered your recommendation of it from one of our previous conversations.

        You certainly did go through alot and I am grateful that we have not lost such a precious heart and lovely soul like you 🌹💕

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          1. Awww you are welcome; my heart is filled with so much adoration over your feelings about my sentiments concerning your situation; I have nothing but love and respect for you 💙⭐🤩. I really wanted to understand your situation and respond to it with sensitivity and respect 🙏😇

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    1. This poem is about the current Pandemic situation. Then there is God, the best friend, the puppeteer who is playing the strings and we don’t know what are his intentions.

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      1. Wow, that is very cool to know. It’s a mighty interesting concept, and it was thought provoking to say the least 👍🙌💯

        You are right, we don’t know what GOD has in store but we can trust in him that whatever it is, it will be out of love 👌😂.

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        1. Hope Now you understand my meaning of saying it’s foolish to look at him with wisdom.. He just saved my life and nothing except a call Save me or Save her would have reached his ears..

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          1. I am glad that GOD saved your life my friend 🙏😇🌹

            Now the issues of seeing GOD through wisdom is a whole other issue 😂😂. I do not consider it foolish to see GOD through wisdom since I am of the view that as humans we see GOD through this knowledge, we do not see GOD though our human eyes, we see GOD and relate to GOD though wisdom and the understanding of what he really represents, but we as humans have never actually seen GOD’s physical form lol

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              1. Hahaha all I am saying is that GOD may be “invisible” but we can see him and picture what he’s like through the wisdom that he gives US about himself and his nature and his qualities, not solely through our own physical ocular vision. 👏👌😆

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