क्या तुम जाग रहे हो?

क्या तुम जाग रहे हो

मेरे नयनों में स्वप्न बन

जगते हुए जगमगा रहे हो

मेरी अनकही बातों को

क्या सुनपा रहे हो

नहीं आती हूँ अब तुम्हें सताने

पर क्या तुम मुझे

सताए बिना रह पा रहे हो

तुम्हें विधाता ने मेरे लिए

चुनकर बुनकर भेजा है

ठीक उस झमझमाती हुई

बारिश की तरह

जो आती तो बहुत तेज़ है

पर उसी तेज़ी से धीमी हो

चली जाती है

फिर भी मैं मेरे भीगे हुए “मन”

को निचोड़कर उन यादों को

संजोये बैठी हूँ

क्या तुम्हें भी मेरी याद आरही है

बोलो क्या मैंने भी तुम्हारी तरह

तुम्हारे ह्रदय मेंअपने लिए

एक कुटीया बना ली है.. ज्योत्सना “निवेदिता”

11 thoughts on “क्या तुम जाग रहे हो?

  1. प्यार भरी नोंक झोंक हर बार
    यादों का एक अंबार
    हृदय से जब जुड़े बेतार
    क्या जाग क्या सुप्त क्या स्वप्न ?

    निशब्द संवाद चलते लगातार
    थमा गया सताने का दौर
    मन में सृजित होते भाव सुन्दर
    शुभकामनाएं तुम्हें अपार

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  2. Kindly accept my #Gratitude 🙏 keep blogging and interacting .. I am Jyotsna you can call me Jyo or Nivedita lets read more and share our thoughts more.. Take care and be safe Dude..


    1. Are you Awake is the title
      She is asking him whether he is also awake like her
      In her dreams like she is with her eyes wide open
      Is he waiting for her
      Is he eager to meet her
      Just like she is for Him
      He has made an Adobe in
      Her heart 💖 forever..

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      1. Awww that is so wonderful 👍🙌😇. Thank you for putting it all in perspective for me 🌹🌹. This writing is actually much more lovelier than I thought now that you words have really conveyed it’s essence in the tongue that I speak 💙💙💙

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          1. That is so thoughtful of you 😍💯🙏. It will certainly help alot of people who don’t know hindi, but always prioritize your thoughts and expressions before anything else because people are because of what you have to say 💐👏🥳

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            1. Thank you 🙏 for your kind words I will certainly keep that in mind. You are really very supportive thanks. Where are you from? It’s really nice to connect with new people from new World

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              1. I loved reading this comment, your embrace of my gratitude means so much to me since I care about you as a person and not just as a blogger, and you are so welcome bhaatdal 💕🥰

                I agree that it is very cool to connect with new people haha. I am from the West Indies 👌😂🌴🏖

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