उधार की सांसें

स्वयं तो सांस लेने के काबिल भी नहीं
पर “मैं” में कमी कत्तई नहीं ..

ले उधार की सांसे..
कल को जीने निकल पड़ती हूं हर आज ..

निन्यानबे के फेर में सांसे छूटती नहीं..

एक तेरे आने की आस है जो टूटती नहीं..

“ज्योत्सना” #निवेदिता

15 responses to “उधार की सांसें”

  1. बहुत सुंदर 👌


  2. सांसों की चलती जब तक
    सतत निरंतर डोर
    निन्यानबे के फेर में उलझे
    मन को कभी न आता याद
    है आत्मस्थ जो एक वह
    जो कभी न जाता दूर …

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  3. I use Google’s translator tool to help make the text readable in english 😂😂

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    1. That’s Pathetic.. sometimes it makes blunders. 😂

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      1. Yes it does but it’s alot better alternative than me being clueless hahaha

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        1. Hahaha agree .. I too do the same when I translate french or German 😂

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          1. Hahaha yes, sometimes desperate times call for drastic measures 🤣🤣


  4. Hhmm this was very very interesting. I like Hindi stories and poems even though I have to translate them and don’t always fully get their gist right away haha

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    1. Thanks.. I am fighting with COVID after effects… Suffering from Pneumonia I have to be on oxygen support.. while on support This thought clicke my mind and I penned it.. the crux is a Human even when is not in a condition to breath is proud of himself or herself of his or her doings.. Till the last breath One cannot leave cravings and cribbings behind.

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      1. Wow you have given me so much perspective now that you have explained to me what this was really about, so it like I am looking at this entire writing differently now compared to when was first just reading it as a fictional story telling lol.

        I am sorry to hear about what you went through my friend and I am glad that you are still going strong 🌹😍

        What you said is very true and well said, no need for me to add anything 💯👍💕💕

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        1. Thank you 😍 .. you should read the blog in two parts where I have shared my going through the Covid and fighting back against it .. *”Last few days” both parts.. it’s in English already so you don’t have to translate it either

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          1. You are welcome my lovely friend 🌹🤩🙌. I will definitely take what you said into consideration because its something that you went through that I know would have had to be a very rough time in your precious life and I am glad to know that they are already in english🤟😆

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            1. 😂😂 Yes it is

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              1. Right, your personal experience and the fact that you told it in english are primarily the things that makes it a must read for me hahaha.


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