Fascinating it was

The soft tender arms

Holding me tight,

embracing softly,

Cozily I was falling

In the warm hug,

Smiling at me it said

Come darling! let’s go ..

I smiled and holded it back

Lazily sleeping and murmuring

Wait! let me rest for a while..

Just like this in your lap..

Holding the waist carrased..

Minutes later it said

Time to go baby .. ‘Come’

Suddenly I heard

Deep anguished voice “Mumma”..

Loud voice shooked me and I saw

That shadow fading away

I was craving for it more

But the echo kept the shadow cast away ..

Was it a dream or hallucination?

I was happy and smiling .. ready to go

Unless that loud voice of my daughter

Stopped me from going along

I sensed the chilling wave once it left

I was cold to death..

“Nivedita” jyotsna

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