Once all of us were kids and we have our memories of our school, friends and Teachers. Even now I have reel moving infront of my eyes how Fun it was to go to school and have fun. Seriously? Was It is so easy ? Was there no bad moments? didn’t we had any grudges for our teachers?

Today when I hear from it from my Kids mouth what the nicknames kids have given to their teachers, I just get angry and annoyed.

How can an 8th grade child can have guts to give Nick name to a teacher we didn’t till we reached to 11th.

Hey! Hey! I told my child just imagine If your mom was one of those worst teachers an being named as worst, How would you have felt? She was stunned and said why are you so different? While rest of the mom’s enjoy these talks and even they call the same with their kids.

She might be angry to hear this from me but I am sure she will understand this when she grows.

Time has changed and today when schools gone online they are missing their teachers and are desperate to go back to school to have the fun they used to..

3 thoughts on “Teacher

  1. School memories are very good
    I too have similar memories right from kg to 10th
    In was 7 when I was admitted to school
    Now day 2 years go to school

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