“Bistirno Dupare” Assam floods

Bistirno duparer oshonkho manusher 

Hahakar shuneo nishobde nirobe 

O Ganga tumi, Ganga boyichho keno 

Stretched on two shores where crores of people live;
you hear their cries in silence and oblivion,
O Ganga you! Ganga why do you flow in silence?

Bistirno dupare, Song is inspired by Paul Robeson’s Ol’ Man River, or Ami ek jajabar (I am a gypsy), written by Bhupen Hazarika and sung by his brother, Jayanta Hazarika, in 1968.
In this Song “Bhupen Da warns the river Ganga not to misbehave,” It was his feelings towards the people struggling with floods, The problems of the common men and their day-to-day struggle.
It mirrors the feelings towards the Brahmaputra.
Brahmaputra the only Nad (Male river). People of Assam love it, hate it, scold it, but it permeates every part of their lives, It is integral to their culture.

4 responses to ““Bistirno Dupare” Assam floods”

  1. The original song was composed in Assamese “bistirna parore” and only then the subsequent translations to Bengali, Hindi and several other languages.

    “Bistirna paarore
    Axonkhya jonre
    Hahakar xuniu
    Nixobde nirobe
    Burha luit tumi
    Burha luit buwa kiyo?”
    Luit is another name for Brahmaputra

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    1. Thank You for visiting and sharing and I Know Luit is Bromhoputro 🙏


  2. Interesting words
    Liked it

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    1. Thank you Sir 🙏🏻😇 Happy To know ♥️🙏🏻


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