Take my dreams Away

I am a dreamer and my dreams have always been my wishes the small and cute ones. Like every child my first dream was to be a teacher and later I wanted to be a writer. I started writing at the age of 10 and my poem got published in the ‘Sentinal’ at the age of 12.

That’s how my dream journey begins I started carving my dreams on paper in words.

Gradually time changed I changed and Life changed what didn’t change were dreams. Change was constant and so were dreams but with a slight change my dreams now became intuitive what I see is now a hint to the reality. There were many such incidents where I have told people prehand and similar things happens and to this my family and many of my friends will agree.

Earlier these dreams were related only to me gradually I started seeing family and friends and now even the strangers I see. Such dreams are generally an alarm, touch wood never a nightmare.

I am tired of such dreams, when I see I try to reach them . I don’t want such dreams any more ..


Flowers are the best outward expression of the mother Earth, in sharp contrast to the inward turmoils that boils her to the core. The love and support she gives to one and all is astounding and exhilarating. This shows that the best comes out if you don’t spill the worst and brew it until it make some sense.