Akshay Tritya

Akshayya Tritiya is a very auspicious day and marks an important Hindu festival.
In Sanskrit, the word “Akshayya” (अक्षय्य) means “never ending” in the sense of “prosperity, hope, joy, success”, while Tritiya means “third”. It is named after the “third lunar day” of the spring month of Vaisakha in Hindu Calender. On his day Lord Parushuram was born. This was the day when Lord Ganesha started writing the epic ‘Mahabharat’. When the Pandavas were exiled to disguise for 14 years then Lord Krishna presented the Akshayya Patr to Draupati.

The Akshayaa Patr produced the desired amount of food and was never depleted of its magic. This was the day when the poor Sudama went to his childhood friend Krishna. Sudama had nothing to offer to Krishna other than pouch of poha and Krishna was so overwhelmed by the hospitality that when Sudama went back to his house, he found it turned in a Palace with all the luxuries of life present in it. So, this day also brings prosperity in our lives.

This day we prepare porridge of Bajra and refreshing cool drink of tamarind (imliana).

Bajra is very nutritious and wholesome diet and Imli water ensures that you do not get loo (Heat Stroke).

Bajre ka Khichda… (Millet Porridge)

The combination is unique and awesome. As Bajra was is prepared on Earthen Cooker made of Mud, we worshiped Mud or Earth, now a days we worship Gas Stove as it has replaced the former.

We bring an earthen pot on this day and pour water in it after cleaning the pot. We also immerse a coin in it so that the access to pure water is always maintained.

We believe and it is scientifically proved that water contains memory, the water which we have for drinking reaches us after making a journey, it may have some sweet or some bitter memories in it so we also worship water requesting it to retain all the positivity and shun the bitterness.

In our meal today, apart from Bajra ka khichda (porridge) and Imliana (Tamarind Syrup), we also prepare ‘Badi ki Sabji’(dish). We basically belongs to Rajasthan, there due to shortage of resources, we have resorted to innovation to make the things work-out.

One such innovation is ‘Badi’/vadiyan/ Mangodi. We grind the yellow pulses make small chunks or strips out of the paste, we dry it out in sun and then can retain with the whole year to make dish whenever we want. There are other items too which we retain in likewise manner such as Sangri, Ker, dried peas, papad, fali, moong, moth etc.

This day we also worship Maa Saraswati on this day and buy new diaries or register to keep accounts. Maa Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and if she becomes happy on us then she would bestow us with intellect and knowledge. She is the giver of knowledge of music, statesmanship, understanding, etc. I wish you all a very happy Akshayya Tritiya, may this day bring immense wealth, health and prosperity in your lives.

5 responses to “Akshay Tritya”

  1. Very well written didi, and its so good to see bajra ki khichdi, i used to have this my grand mother used to make, we used to eat khichdi with boora and ghee with Kadi. Thankyou so much. Living alone far away and just looking at the pic i can feel the flavour in my mouth. Wish one day I get to eat this made by you didi. One day. May god bless you and family.
    Best Regards from Dehradun

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    1. Wow Prateek you really made my day 😍😍


  2. Nice piece of info

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  3. very well researched information on Akshaye Tritiya. Though one has known its importance but detailed explanation is what makes this an excellent read. How I wish our next generations were introduced to these rituals along with its scientific relevance as they are more into questioning. This lock down post corona is a valid reason to reintroduce of progeny with the importance of simple life.


    1. Thank you Neeraj for these kind words. I wish the same that our coming generations follow these rituals sincerely and keep our Culture alive. Hope we all remember all what we have learned in this though time.


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