how to take care of a newborn baby  

My personal experience : how to take care of a newborn baby

My daughter is 3 months old now. While I am loving this phase of motherhood with my daughter sleeping better, feeding properly and of course, communicating with me in her own cute ways, things weren’t like this when we first started out. The joy of becoming first time parents cannot be put into words but then it can be tough too. A newborn brings with him/her a lot of responsibilities and most new moms aren’t prepared for it. However, a little help from experts and family can help you navigate through this difficult period easily.

While understanding and responding to the needs of a newborn baby is an ongoing process and one learns only with experience, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time so you don’t panic or feel overwhelmed later. I hope these few tips will make parenthood a little easier for you in the initial few days.

1. Nursing/ Breastfeeding

Nursing is one of the most beautiful ways to form an ever-lasting bond with your new-born. However, it can be pretty challenging to start with. From sore nipples to latching issues, there’s a lot you need to understand. Thus, it’s advisable to seek help either from a lactation expert or a friend with kids. Eat healthy and try to feel positive about the whole experience.

2. Sleeping

Newborns either feed or sleep with 18-20 hours of sleep throughout the day. Babies should always be made to sleep on their backs. Their bedding should be warm and cozy. Always have their face and head stay uncovered while sleeping and if possible keep the blankets tucked under their feet so that it doesn’t slide on to their faces.

3. Bath care

Bathing should be avoided till the newborn’s umbilical cord comes off naturally. A wet cord can easily get infected and will take time to shed off. Go for sponge baths instead.

4. Clothing and Diapers

A newborn’s clothes need to be loose-fitted preferably with buttons in the front. But more than the clothes, you need to pay attention to the diapers. Check and change your baby’s diapers frequently and as soon as possible after they soil it. Applying a layer of coconut oil before putting on a new diaper helps in fighting any rashes. Do give them some diaper free time so that their skin can have some fresh air too.

5. Keep them safe and secure

Here I am talking about keeping them safe from both the seasonal changes and also from discomfort caused by mosquito bites. While using safety nets designed especially for babies is useful, it is also recommended to use Goodknight repellents to keep mosquitoes at bay. I personally always stick the 100% natural Goodknight Patches on my child’s clothes. They are paediatrician certified and come in fun Chhota Bheem designs that you’re little one would love. You could even try the 4 dots of the revolutionary Goodknight Fabric Roll-On that are to be applied clothes. For babies younger than 2 months of age, the 4 dots can be applied on their cots, strollers and prams.

I know, every parent and every baby is different and we all want only the best for our babies. But trust me, there are a few things that are the same with all babies and with little patience and help, we all can learn the tricks of the trade soon.

Happy Parenting! 🙂

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