Mayank Gandhi


The book, AAP DOWN, is an insider account of the ingredients that went into creation of the recipe, called AAP or Aam Admi Party,

AAP caught the imagination of India disgusted with systemic corruption. The books written by Mayank Gandhi alongwith Shrey Shah.

Who is Mayank Gandhi? Do we know about him? Few facts about him.

Mayank is a man of varied persona, a statesman, thinker, worker and social activist. Born on 7th November, 1958, he completed his Bsc in 1977 and has  a diploma in Business Management. He was greatly Influenced by Gandhiji’s “India lives in its villages”, and duly motivated, has undertaken nation building task through rural transformation. He selected a cluster of 15 villages in Beed district of Marathawada, known for the highest number of farmer suicides, where he and his team focus on developing Villages in 360% manner so that per capita income increases by 250% over a period of 3 years. This would require work in the area of water management, crop selection, water conservation, cattle and dairy activities, education and vocational training, health and infrastructure development. A successful model could be replicated across the nation. He has been instrumental in contributing to some of the finest laws and movements in the country like the Right to Information Bill (RTI) the Nagara Raj bill etc.

He has vast experience of public interactions having addressed thousands of meetings ranging from presentations to various government bodies, associations, street and corner meetings and various public meetings. As a political reformist, he believes in the power of the common man. He pioneered the idea and was instrumental in getting selected India’s first Citizen Consensus Candidate ( Adolf D’Souza) while spending only Rs 57,000, based on the Mohalla sabha concept.

He has worked tirelessly for the redevelopment of Mumbai and has been a key contributor in drafting a significant part of the Maharashtra housing policy on cluster redevelopment His concept of Inner City Redevelopment has been adopted by the Planning Commission of India in its present tenure.

Not limited to India alone, he has addressed urban development issues in 23 cities internationally. He was on the advisory council of the world’s largest urban planning body CTBUH (based in Chicago).

He is one of the founder member of Jagrut Nagrik Munch, a platform where the lives of less privileged could be bettered. Very few are aware of the fact that he is also a writer and avid blogger. His write up on ‘Karma’ takes us high in the spiritual world. He says that with spirituality you can energize your mind and soul. Your Karma is the only path that will take you to the destiny. The depth of his knowledge and is perspective on how spirituality can let you live a better life, is just wonderful. You need to read it to know it. He says that we are instruments of KARMA. He says that in life, we should go with the flow. I have even featured him in the past in my Blog, ‘ ’ as blogger of the week. The link is

The spirituality within him, guides him to do public good and this was the same reason for him to contribute to the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement and later to the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’. He saw it as an opportunity to start a new political culture of accountability, transparency, participation and integrity.

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