Top 10 precautions to be taken during pregnancy

pexels-photo-54289.jpegPregnancy is a wonderful combination of pains and gains. It has its own share of worries and complaints. Every women wishes to have a normal delivery but not everyone is able to have one.

The first trimester of the pregnancy which comprises of the first three months is the most important as far as the health of the foetus grows. Here, you have to take utmost care and follow certain precautions to ensure proper growth and development of your baby. I am going to list some of the measures that can ensure a normal pregnancy.

Precautions to be taken during pregnancy:

  1. Don’t Smoke- Smoking is linked to a wide range of health conditions which can be life threatening. During pregnancy, smoking may pose several health risks and is responsible for reduced immunity, lowered birth weight, infections and several other problems in your body. Smoking during pregnancy could result in sudden infant death syndrome.
  2. Don’t drink Alcohol and Caffeine- Just like smoking, drinking alcohol could result to abnormally slow growth of foetus and is also linked to several learning disabilities. Consumption of caffeine is linked to premature birth and increased risk of several birth defects.
  3. Sauna- Hot tubs and sauna are a strict no-no during the first three months of pregnancy. The hot temperatures inside the Sauna’s can hamper the proper growth and development of the foetus.
  4. Check your Medications with a Doctor- It is extremely important to notify your doctor about any meds which you have been taking previous to the pregnancy. The meds can be harmful to the development of the foetus. Also avoid going for treatment options such as X-rays since they are harmful for the foetus.
  5. Consume extra nutrients- Now that you are supporting and additional life, your body needs double the nutrients and minerals. Make sure you eat all food groups. Talk to your doctor about calorie requirements and plan your diet well. Try to consume vitamin D from foods like egg yolk, fortified milk and exposure to sunlight. Add some calcium rich foods like milk and its products to your diet.
  6. Stay away from mosquito bites- Try to be safe from mosquito bites during pregnancy as they can cause various diseases to you as well as to the development of the foetus. Use Good knight Activ+ while you’re indoors & make sure mosquitoes are at bay. While stepping outdoors, apply 4 dots of the 100% natural & safe Good knight Fabric Roll-On on your clothes. This will ensure 8 hours of mosquito protection.
  7. Avoid physical Intimacy- It is best to avoid physical intimacy during the first three months and last 10 weeks. Even in between, it depends upon presence of any complicating factors during pregnancy. Avoid oral sex and breast stimulation.
  8. Do not travel during pregnancy- Travelling by air/train during pregnancy can be harmful to the mother as well as the foetus. Travelling causes high risk complications such as cervical issues, vaginal bleeding, Hypertension, Placental abnormalities. There is nothing wrong as such with pregnancy travel unless the safety of the mother and the baby are ensured.
  9. Practice Kegel Exercise- Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which support your bladder, bowels and uterus. Done correctly this exercise can help your delivery to go smoothly and prevent problems with incontinence.
  10. Stay healthy- After all these precautionary measures, one extremely important tip is to stay healthy. Taking proper care of yourself can go a long way in proper development of the baby.  

So, it is better to follow these precautionary measures to ensure a safe and proper development of your baby.

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