Falling Grace

Book Review ..

A book written by the Author Kunwar Nitin 

Description by Author 

A book with beautiful name and a good message.

A story of a woman who fall in love with a stranger at a place where only Lust can be found. 

The Hero in search of entertainment reaches a hub of call girls and there he find his love and make the woman feel beautiful and bring her dead emotions and trust back through his love ❤️. Those ladies starts believing Krishna in him and the author portrays his love with Krishna and Gopis love. 

He takes the lady to eternity, which brings her back to life and she opens up to the stranger with the story of disgrace she was living like a curse.

The book is full of Emotions , drama, erotica, love and incest at one time makes a lady feel beautiful.
My review:

 Description of the feelings of the lady after being raped is well described. 

In my view there are certain points which doesn’t sound real it gives a feel of pure fiction and Desi masala –  

A mother after being raped by her own Son broken and turns Out to be “Kali “to teach him and his friends a lesson, she changes their sex only when they are slept and toxicated . This sounds a little dramatical because not in real it is so easy . 

The moto of the Author visiting Kolkata is not well described. If the author just visiting the pubs and Bars just for fun and from the prostitutes , he comes straight back to his destination brings him in the custody no less then a flirt,  and a brat who is a play boy who is visiting such places just for fun and women . 

He portraits himself as Krishna, but in real Krishna is no play boy. The foreplay is being compared as Ras leela which might be controversial , though it’s my personal view. 

* I would suggest children under the age of nineteen should not read this book , as the content is for Adults only . 

A wonderful message is conveyed through the book “Rapists shouldn’t be allowed to board any where”.

This book is paisa wasool book , one time read full of different emotions . “Nivedita”

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