Acid Burns 

I was forced to die ,

But my spirit kept me alive,

rising from the ashes,

Slowly and gradually ,

I will start living again,

the pain of being burned ,

Will heal with time, 

But whenever I will see ,

My reflection in the mirror,

I will be horrified,

Again will feel the same ,

Agony if burns will rise,

Rage will rise,

The blood in my veins,

Will boil like the heat of Sun,

The wounds they gave ,

Will get healed ,

But the scars will remain,

Throughout my Life , 

I will never be the same again .. Nivedita 

P.S. : I hope that such henious act will come to a complete end soon.

27 thoughts on “Acid Burns 

  1. I hear about such incidents every day. It is the mentality of the male dominated society that has to change. The thought that you own someone and that you should destroy it at the end of ownership.
    Sad objectification !

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      1. Thanks mate. How I wish I could walk out like a vigilante and teach all those cowards a lesson. I wish. But yes, change starts within and when we teach a new generation to consider women as a continuum and the ones that nurture the world into existence, a major problem gets solved ….

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    1. You are right bhai, The main reasons behind such acts are the Man chauvinism in India . The ego is very high and I don’t know for what and why. Thank you for reading and your valuable support. It always matters to me and I know that you know it very well.

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