Gift of Life

In you life has gifted me ; 

Someone so lovely and lively ,

Exploring thoughts rolling like dice 

delving deep into true meaning of life ,

My way of life had hardly any frills ;

with you my dear its no end to thrills, 

It was just so monotonous and lame,

Now Its’ beautiful, wishes to exchange ;

It is like Homophone of symphony ,

Nectar of Spirituality collected as honey;

solitude in life ,when there is enough time

Two watery eyes ,are the glasses of wine;🍷 🍷 

introspecting my mind and calming me down 

peace albeit, melancholy, sorrows and frown

You are the Lily standing amidst ,

Raising the grace In the Garden ,

words are short, feelings broaden;

New dimensions , new energy ,

Refined thoughts and new synergy ; 

you brought as Gift of life ,stay to be ..

Guarding my path , you are dear to me..  “Nivedita”


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