Gift of Life

In you life has gifted me ; 

Someone so lovely and lively ,

Exploring thoughts rolling like dice 

delving deep into true meaning of life ,

My way of life had hardly any frills ;

with you my dear its no end to thrills, 

It was just so monotonous and lame,

Now Its’ beautiful, wishes to exchange ;

It is like Homophone of symphony ,

Nectar of Spirituality collected as honey;

solitude in life ,when there is enough time

Two watery eyes ,are the glasses of wine;🍷 🍷 

introspecting my mind and calming me down 

peace albeit, melancholy, sorrows and frown

You are the Lily standing amidst ,

Raising the grace In the Garden ,

words are short, feelings broaden;

New dimensions , new energy ,

Refined thoughts and new synergy ; 

you brought as Gift of life ,stay to be ..

Guarding my path , you are dear to me..  “Nivedita”

15 thoughts on “Gift of Life

  1. Wow. Remarkable. What a tribute. Oh to be the recipient (I say this with respect, please…). What a creature you are, so blessed to have written this piece, such skill. But of course, silly me, for you were indeed blessed to write it else it could not have been written. Ha

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