Rangilo Rajasthan-3

जहाँ न पहुँचे गाड़ी वहाँ पहुँचे मारवाड़ी 

This is a very old saying, It means that in places where even a car can’t reach, a person from Rajasthan reaches 🙂

People of Rajasthan are very hard working. The barren lands and deserts make them very strong and hard working so as to enable them to earn a living. They used to travel on Camel and on foot to far flung places of Bharat(India), thousands of Km away from land of their birth in search of green pasteurs . One of the First to travel far to Mumbai and taste success was Shri Shivnarayanji Birla, grandfather of Shri GD Birla in 1857 on camel. Same is the story of many successful business emipres build by Rajasthanis in every nook and corner of The Bharat.

In the most difficult terrain of Thar desert, the community inherited positive living due to its live-life-fully instincts .  It is this positivity which makes it’s people successful anywhere and everywhere in the world wherever they migrate . A marwadi living very successfully and aiding in local ecosystem is found in every part of world.

Enterprise and Innovation runs in the blood of Rajasthanis and they create their own business from zero investments with their sheer acumen and frugal living and uncommon sense of using commonsense to simplify the complex situation into most trivial.
They taught people the art of trading. They have always seen stagnation and deprivation in there own land, so wherever they go they use every single penny judicuously, these habit of there have earned them the word , ‘Kunjus’ or miser. A simple lifestyle helped them make savings and amass a lot of wealth. 

Though, the time has changed and today Marwaris are the most extravagant community, but no doubt ‘ application of mind’ in difficult times and hard work runs as blood in there veins.  “Nivedita”

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