Are you a SHOPAHOLIC too? ;)


1459541464032 Shopping is ❤

Hahaha…:D Tingling in tummy ??

I know girls are going to read this blog more…and they know well what I meant 😉

According to its definition it’s being considered as Compulsive to shop…but but but…there are other reasons to behind being a SHOPAHOLIC.

There are two kinds of basic buyers…One category comprises of “MUST” buyers and the other one is “ENJOYMENT” buyers.! Must buyers are consisting of daily routine things…groceries and other house stuff, but the other category comprises of people like me who feel “shopping” as a therapy, a reason to get mental peace, to get a happy feeling. Shopping is an art, few do for necessity and few choose it to heal own-self. One of the valid reason is lying in the following image 😛 😛 😛


For me, whenever I am upset or not feeling well, I choose to shop, even a minor thing…

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