Acid Burns 

I was forced to die ,

But my spirit kept me alive,

rising from the ashes,

Slowly and gradually ,

I will start living again,

the pain of being burned ,

Will heal with time, 

But whenever I will see ,

My reflection in the mirror,

I will be horrified,

Again will feel the same ,

Agony if burns will rise,

Rage will rise,

The blood in my veins,

Will boil like the heat of Sun,

The wounds they gave ,

Will get healed ,

But the scars will remain,

Throughout my Life , 

I will never be the same again .. Nivedita 

P.S. : I hope that such henious act will come to a complete end soon.


कल प्रेम में मीरा ने ज़हर पी लिया ,

पर मैं असमर्थ कड़वी सच्चाई पीने में ,

मुस्कुराने से डरती हूँ , डर छुपाकर सीने में ;

डर कर पानी भी आज फूंकर पिया ,

कहीं तेज़ाब ना मिला हो पीने में ;

ताज कभी मुमताज़ की यादों मैं बना था ,

वो शांत सफ़ेद संगमरमर का खड़ा,

गवाह ,महोब्बत के मरकर भी जीने में ;

आज महोब्बत में संग मर-मर कर जीते हैं,

डाले तेज़ाब मुहब्बत के नाम का सीने में ;

प्रेम हीर रांझा सा पाक था अब तो बदनाम,

दहशत है आराम से घर पर सोने में;

वो मन चले जो उन्हें बे आबरू कर झुलसा गये ,

ढूँढ लाओ उन्हें ,आज छुपे हैं जाने किन कोनो में ;

कुंठित है मन मेरा , तन तो लूट ही गया ,

पर निवेदन है हर निवेदिता का मत दो पनाह ,

मत पिलाओ दूध ऐसै आस्तीन के सापों को ,

वरना ,कल तुम्हारी बेटियों की बोटियाँ भी ,

मिलादि जाएँगी उन तेज़ाब की बोतलों में । “निवेदिता”

Gift of Life

In you life has gifted me ; 

Someone so lovely and lively ,

Exploring thoughts rolling like dice 

delving deep into true meaning of life ,

My way of life had hardly any frills ;

with you my dear its no end to thrills, 

It was just so monotonous and lame,

Now Its’ beautiful, wishes to exchange ;

It is like Homophone of symphony ,

Nectar of Spirituality collected as honey;

solitude in life ,when there is enough time

Two watery eyes ,are the glasses of wine;🍷 🍷 

introspecting my mind and calming me down 

peace albeit, melancholy, sorrows and frown

You are the Lily standing amidst ,

Raising the grace In the Garden ,

words are short, feelings broaden;

New dimensions , new energy ,

Refined thoughts and new synergy ; 

you brought as Gift of life ,stay to be ..

Guarding my path , you are dear to me..  “Nivedita”

Brain Vs ❤️ 

जीवन उस तंग रस्से पर चलने की तरह है, जहां हम हर पल एक नट के भाँति दिल और दिमाग के बीच के संतुलन को ध्यान में रखते हुए जीवन को जीते चले जाते हैं । कभी दिल का भार बढ़ जाता है , कभी हृदय की गति । 

दोनो के साथ न्याय करना तो रस्साकसि का खेल सा प्रतीत होने लगता है । दिल और दिमाग़ के बीच न्याय करना असम्भव है जीत किसी एक की ही हो सकती है , और जब दिल दिमाग़ पर जीतता है तो इनसान को चिरंतर की शांति अनंत काल की अनुभूति होती है। 

Life is like that tight rope Walk , where we go on winning life by keeping a balance between heart and mind every moment. Sometimes the thoughts reaches the refining process, and the pressure on the brain increases, the  other times heart ❤️ starts playing:) . 

It is just like a tug of war between heart and Mind . Justifying both is not possible, when Heart wins over mind , it is like reaching eternity finding peace and solace. The joy is unexplainable. “Nivedita” 

Rangilo Rajasthan-3

जहाँ न पहुँचे गाड़ी वहाँ पहुँचे मारवाड़ी 

This is a very old saying, It means that in places where even a car can’t reach, a person from Rajasthan reaches 🙂

People of Rajasthan are very hard working. The barren lands and deserts make them very strong and hard working so as to enable them to earn a living. They used to travel on Camel and on foot to far flung places of Bharat(India), thousands of Km away from land of their birth in search of green pasteurs . One of the First to travel far to Mumbai and taste success was Shri Shivnarayanji Birla, grandfather of Shri GD Birla in 1857 on camel. Same is the story of many successful business emipres build by Rajasthanis in every nook and corner of The Bharat.

In the most difficult terrain of Thar desert, the community inherited positive living due to its live-life-fully instincts .  It is this positivity which makes it’s people successful anywhere and everywhere in the world wherever they migrate . A marwadi living very successfully and aiding in local ecosystem is found in every part of world.

Enterprise and Innovation runs in the blood of Rajasthanis and they create their own business from zero investments with their sheer acumen and frugal living and uncommon sense of using commonsense to simplify the complex situation into most trivial.
They taught people the art of trading. They have always seen stagnation and deprivation in there own land, so wherever they go they use every single penny judicuously, these habit of there have earned them the word , ‘Kunjus’ or miser. A simple lifestyle helped them make savings and amass a lot of wealth. 

Though, the time has changed and today Marwaris are the most extravagant community, but no doubt ‘ application of mind’ in difficult times and hard work runs as blood in there veins.  “Nivedita”

Rangilo Rajasthan-2 

Wandering back in memory lane I remember visiting the desert farms  with Dadu, to feed grains to  the peacocks and see them dance with full colour on. 


In the summer vacations , it was a custom to visit Rajasthan with dadu and we were so fond of sleeping under the nacked sky 🌌 on the roof . In the morning we used to get up by the sounds of chirping of birds and screaming of Peacocks. 

They used to shed their feathers and we used to collect them to take along .  

This was a very usual scene around , Peacoks were seen dancing and screaming  in the groups , today they are afraid of us . 

They are invisible ,because Human being have become their enemies .

People are killing them for their meat and beautiful feathers, instead of collecting them when they shed . 

This time I was lucky to have a glance of few of them .

Those have just become memories now as we don’t get to see either of them, Dadu, farms and peacocks. “Nivedita “

Rangilo Rajasthan 

On the festival of Colours “Holi ” bringing the colours of life from the colourful State Rajasthan .. 

The Land of colours, happiness fathoms in the nature.
Music, colours and culture is the essence of the Rural land. Whenever I get a chance to visit I feel not to return back, the chirping of birds and whooshing of wind in the bright Sunlight makes one feel like capturing every minute in your eyes.

Dharti Dhoran Ri .. Land of Sand dunes 

Moochon Walo e Nawab ..:)

Padharo sa Mhare Des🙏 “Nivedita”

Welcome to our Land 🙏”Nivedita” 

Women in India 

Since last few days, I have been thinking that our motherland, ‘Bharat’, is so Magnanimous, Diverse yet unique and simple. 

There are several colourful festivals celebrated in various parts of our vast nation. 

The citizens of our country love and respect for everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or religion and especially for women.Inspite of these so many good values all bad effects of alien culture can be seen a bit here and there. 

GANGOUR(festival) is celebrated in western part of Bharat, in Rajasthan. In Bikaner and Jaipur, one can see , fetes and fun fares being organized, where large number of people gather, to mark the festivity . 

Devi Gangour is a incarnation of Goddess Durga and her husband ,’Ishwarji’ is none other than Lord Shiva. In this festival, girls and women, married or unmarried are seen well-dressed and draped in ethnic jewellery and traditional ornaments . People specially young teenage girls and married women worship Gangour for 16 days with water and durba (holy grass). On the 16th day, the girls are given special treatment by being gifted things like ornaments, delicious food and new clothes.
In Bharat , I observe that most of the festivals are for girls and women , there are only a few occasions which are mostly for men, like HOLI (people put dry or wet colours on each other). Holi is also celebrated by women but not by themselves; generally our males involve them . GANGOUR, NAVRATRI, DURGA ASHTAMI , RAKSHA BANDHAN, TEEJ and KARVA CHOUTH all glorify the women hood.


Sometimes, I see silver lining among grief. In a land where the new born girl child is made to sleep forever or is made to say goodbye from this earth by way of ‘Dudh Piladena’ or by killing in womb, the females are also worshiped as Durga , Lakhsmi , Sharda and by various names.


We have numerous festivals which gives importance to the feminine existence. I take pride in stating that we also have States which provides female dominance in the Society. Our seven sister states of North East India are testimony to it. 

In the state of Meghalaya, the families derive there title from there Mother’s family name. The boy goes to the girl’s house after marriage and help his spouse in household shores and take care of in-laws.


The girls are not confined within the four walls of the house ; they go out to earn there livelihood. In majority of the cases, they are the bread winners. This is a true form of modernity and a beautiful example that if given a chance, the women are second to none and can even perform better than men Mother’s sir name passes to the kids and the property passes to the youngest daughter . This tradition is followed by both the Khasi and Jayantia tribes .


I am glad to bring this up today on the Women’s day , when every one is busy showing the negative side of India fighting for equality for women .


I wish “Ma Bharti ” a Happy women’s day paying my regards to the indebted love and care she has given to me , obliging me by letting me grow on this ancient “Land of Karma and Dharma “in the arms of Mother Nature. “Nivedita”


नन्हा सा एक बच्चा रहता है ,

आज भी खिलखिलाकर हँसता  है ,

बच्चों संग बच्चा बन जाता है ,

गुड्डे गुड्डों का खेल जो अब ,

मेरी गुड़िया को नहीं है भाता ,

मेरा बाल मन उनसे खेलने को ,

मन ही मन बेहद मचलाता ।

ये गुड्डे मेरे एकान्त के साथी ,

मन की बात जाने ये हाथी 

मूक खड़े हैं यूँ लगता है ,

पर सच में यह सब सुनता है,

इनको में वो सब कहती हूँ ,

जो किसी से ना कह पाती हूँ । ” निवेदिता ”


कृपा करो और हरो जनकी पीर,

न हो चेतन जड़ ,न बुद्धी अधीर ,

सुनो विनती विनय करे ये फ़क़ीर ,

करे निवेदन “निवेदिता” आपसे प्रभू 

नहीं बनो आप मूक -बधीर ,

करो सशक्त हमें और सरल ,

तन -मन और जीवन जैसे बहता नीर ..” निवेदिता “