We say it every day and hear the same , numbers are just the numbers .. we should not think about it and should try to reach the heart ,

Perhaps ,sometimes numbers does gives happiness, like when we find a notification like I did .

 Made me feel happy and blessed . :):) 

Thanks to WordPress, and my fellow blogger buddies . Everyone  and each one for the support and kindness :).

 It’s almost a year and two months on WP , I have associated with 500 fellow mates and few have become a real family in the Virtual World . 🙂 🙂 

“Doc to Poet ” Amit, Alok Singhal , Maniparna Sengupta , Sri Kamal Kothari, Miquel,Dhirajanand ,Sonu Somraj, Swapnil were the first Blogger mates to motivate me and inspire me enough to keep me going .:) 

  • Sonu , Swapnil, Dhiraj , Amit , Suprit read each post and inspired me with their kind words , I donno how we got connected through words into friendship. Thank you friends truly. 
  • Slow and steady I found a small group of little bloggers who started calling me Jo di ,and yes I am glad I found these lil creatures as the backbone of my writing .
  • I am thankful to Riddhi Sharma for forcing me to start blogging , Raman, Arti, Bunny, Pritu, Ishika, Mahima ,Anuj, Hemang , Tanul these kids are inspiration to me and a big support. Recently Jyoti Subhash Singh  another sister whose work I admire joined the gang and I am blessed to have all of them ,they are awesomely wonderful:) .

It is difficult to share each one’s  link so just thanking everyone and eachone through this post. 

Rajiv, Tanul, Sagar , Nishthur Anadi Chandni the twilight fairy are few friends whose work is admirable and are the friends who were always kind to me. 

Its quite difficult to name each and every name, I thank everyone for their humility and  being so kind and supportive to me .

*special thanks to Dhirajanand and Miquel Oquendo whose efforts and motivation is the only reason why I am able in writing this post today. 🙏 

                             … gratitude “Nivedita”

47 thoughts on “Gratitude 

  1. Congratulations, well deserved for you are unstoppable. God really put something outstanding in you dear friend. I have bee blessed to know you, dear Nividita. And look you mentioned me twice (unless there is another Miguel?) by the way with a “g”, I am writing this aboard a Jet Plane headed your way to make you pay for using a “q” where it should have been a “g”. Seriously enjoy this feeling girl.

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    1. Es un placer tener tu cumplido aquí 🙂 He leído tu poema de hoy y me encantó la forma en que han descrito el dolor y el mensaje positivo en el final fue la cobertura en el pastel 🙂 gracias una tonelada


  2. This number is very less compared to your talent Jo! This number should’ve been achieved very long back. I’m sure the followers will increase multifold. Keep up the good work and keep rocking Jo 👍

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