Love you

Shining bright ,up in the sky,

one in the millions,

so precious ,

a love so true,

from me to you,

Songs of angels ,

Blessing of grace,

Need of Life,

To me are you …

All this he said .. 

He said he loved,

He said he cared,

But rage inside,

Slowly flared,

In the corner,


His words ,

I can’t believe,

I never thought,

He wI’ll leave,

Like a dream.. Nivedita

*photos by Google 

29 thoughts on “Love you

    1. 😍😊Friends see from a different angle , they don’t judge by words they judge by feelings, That’s the reason you always end up only and only appreciating 🙂 thanks for being here 🙂

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    1. Aaah thanks , but such emotional quests have no answers, somehow even stars ✨ can’t as they only know to light at night and vanish in the day , like the dreams stays all night and gone with the dawn . ☺️

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