Love ❤️ The 🔑 Key to Optimism -2

On Valentine day when it is a blow of wind 💨 spreading Love ❤️ in everyone’s ❤️ heart , I am having an opportunity by taking you all to a beautiful journey, A Path towards happiness 🙂🙂 

I recieved a courier on 8th of September, though I wasn’t surprised as i knew what is inside but a pleasant feeling was there . As I am always very enthusiastic in opening parcels, I opened it and found a lovely book 📚 signed by the Author especially for me in my name . I was proud owner of that book which was so nicely packed with a black ribbon 🎀 around it . As we all know presentation matters ,anything which looks beautiful is always assumed to be good 😊.

Now comes my favourite part, since childhood the smell of a new book is something beyond my control. I smelled it and felt my paper copy 📝, a lovely feel it was . I was now super excited to read it , as this was my first experience to recieve a signed copy from an International Author, whose copy reached even Whitehouse . No doubt the name of the book was very well complimenting the moment 🙂 leading me towards the path of happiness , as being unwell for a couple of days i got a chance to read the book in a flow. 

The Young and admirable Author of the book Roshan D. Bhondekar , whom now I call my younger brother, though never got a chance to meet him is very very modest and intellect . I feel blessed to get a chance to know him . 🙂 

Well ,moving ahead towards the review part , you will be able to read the review in my next part 🙂 as this is a post of gratitude to my brother ” Roshan ” he is working wonderfully as a social activist as well , I am so thankful and feel blessed after reading the book.

We all are always surrounded by the challenges, as every moment we are competing with ourselves and creating competitors around .. This book helps us in handling such problems we are facing in relationships, carreer and so on .. 

we meet tommorw with the Review and all the interesting facts about the book till then enjoy the Valentine evening.. oops almost over :):) 🙊.. Nivedita:):):) ❤️❤️🌹🌹

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