Change to Love 

Change , 

Change to love ❤️ 

Change the Pessimist 

Change ..

Change within ,

Change the irregular,

Change the weak ,

Change the uncertain,

Change the path,

Change ..

Change Attitude 

Change perception 

Change Lives 

Change the World 

Above all Change the 😞 Unhappy 

Change through 


Change sorrows by leading the “Path towards Happiness “.

Accept the Change as Change is the only constant thing .. Embrace the happiness and joys .. Nivedita 

P.S. : *Inspired by the book “The Key to Optimism ” by Mr.Roshan D. Bhondekar 

Book Review coming soon …

50 thoughts on “Change to Love 

    1. El placer es todo mío, gracias por la continuación 🙂 muy apreciado el corazón amable. Aunque no sé español, usando el traductor para perdonar por los errores si alguno 🙂


  1. Change is the way of life . Agreed ! A few years back ‘ Jab we Met ‘ ( come on , I am talking about the movie ) you were reading only English Authors . Good that you are Reviewing books of Indian Authors like my friend Roshan ! You too changed the name of your Blog to #J ! What does J mean !

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    1. Thank you so much Supreet as these are the lines almost every one knows and get a chance to read here and there , I got a chance to read them few years ago , on a CCD diary gifted by my sis .. kuch yad rahin kuch jod li kuch book se inspire huin . Thanks once again for your humility and thanks for motivating Rakshita on her blog . Saw her super excited . 🙂

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      1. Arey achi baat hain na itni si umar me likhne ki habit rakhti hain..woh. Ha aur books are the best gift according to me .. Aapki sis ne Jo diya tha bahot use hogi. Kabhi bhi


    2. Thank you supreet , these are the simple lines read by everyone somewhere sometimes, I also got a chance reading a few on my CCD notebook gifted to me long back . Few are the same few i got inspired by the book . Glad you like it . And thank you so much for motivating Rakshita 🙂

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      1. Jyo. Aajkal technology bad gayi hain. Blogging jaise platform hain. Maine jab shuruvaad ki tab sirf kaagaz tha.. Logon ko apni kavitaayen pahunchana mushkil tha..abhi bahot asaan tha. . I will keep motivating any kind of good talent any kid has..


        1. Han woi jab meine likhna shuru kiya tab mein 8 saal ki thi aur Jab first poem publish hui tab mein shayad kuch 13 sal ki houngi THE SENTINAL tab ki leading newspaper tha usme chapa tha , “Humanity ” was its name … glad to see she is getting so much support its just that she continues aisa n ho ki do din ki chandani fir andheri rat

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            1. Oh that time toh many poems were published actually to motivate us our elders used to send the work to the magazines and daily news papers and get them published, later when i grew up i just never collected my work ..

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