Goodness good or bad 

Sharing a story once told by my friend “Shri Ramesh Bawri ” a very dear and loving  , a guide , a support , a teacher . 

This story is an effort by him teaching me to be sensible and left me with a question 

Q. What will be God’s judgement ? 

Who shall He punish and why ? If not then why not? ..

Still in search of the answers , if anybody wants to reply you are welcome . 🙂 🙂 

Ramesh taught me a lesson , “too much of goodness can be harmful” 

I shall not serve my self on the cost of my honour and dignity and let people take granted , I need to learn to serve not to be served ..

Hope you all like it ..:) 

*Special thanks to my dearest Pal Respected  Mr. “Ramesh Bawri ” *Magistrate of Consumer Court Shillong , and what not .. A series of blogs will be always short describing his achievements, talents and goodness .. “Nivedita “

29 thoughts on “Goodness good or bad 

        1. Thank you and congratulations for the wedding u must have enjoyed a lot na .. thats super cool .. happiness, colours, dance , food , music… attending martiage is like living one full life ,, I love marriages .. 😉

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