Blogger of the week#9

Halo everyone 👋. As we all know first impression is the last impression , todays guest’s blog name took my attention and left a unique impression 

Lone crusader “Serious funny 😂 guy” 

Mr.Sudhir whom i dont much really know from long time , I liked his way of writing and simplicity and his these words he told me about himself made me feature him here ..  

Somehow like anyone who has learned something and wants to share it with the world, He too have a lot of things burning inside. 
Let us know Him expressing self by his own words ..

Q. Sudhir  introduce yourself to our fellow Blogger friends .

A. Hi jyotsna or I shall call you “Nivedita” , it was great meeting you and interacting with you .

There are things I do and feel frustrated when others can’t do. Taking care of elders, elderly neighbors etc is one of them. Maybe people don’t think about it or are not aware of the blessings they’d get. 

Coming next to Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan It is a great step by Modi ji to make our Bharat as Swacch Bharat, but merely taking out a broom and Sweeping the streets one day will not work. So I wrote. It’s my pinned tweet. 
I’ll keep sharing my stories and thoughts in the future too. 

Great thought Sudhir  ,I admit that somewhere in a run for Living we are leaving our Moral and Customs behind, I hope our Youth will give a thought to your advice and will motivate to look after our elders whom intentionally or sometimes unintentionally we ignore.

Coming to the next section of questions, I would like you to answer few questions to put light on your blogging journey.

Q1. How long have you been Blogging for? A. I started a few months ago and my first blog was uploaded on WordPress only on 23rd October. 
Q2. What inspires you the most to write? A. To be honest, I got very irritated by limitation of 144 characters on Twitter which never allowed me to express myself. I started writing on Documents file and then posting screenshots but It was nothing like blogging. I discovered that I could add pictures, change fonts, size etc. 
Q3. How has life changed post blogging? A. Now my thoughts do not stay just to me. I’m loving the way I express myself and that people read and give views on the same. 
Q4. How do you take time out for 

A. Blogging in your daily life with full time work? I don’t wait. I have my blog site app on my phone. So whenever I get an idea, I start writing and later when I’m on computer, I improvise it before publishing. 
Q5. What is better- Blogging as a A.Profession or passion? Being a family man, making a living off my business is enough for me and I never thought of it as a profession. But you never know 😊
Q6. Finish this line – Life without Blogging is… 

A. Having too many thoughts and a regret of not sharing them with the world. 
Q7. Do you think post blogging you have made more friends or competetors?

A. ना काहू से दोस्ती ना काहू से बैर। I’m a very happy go lucky kind of person who is very difficult to compete with😂😂

Well said Sudhir 🙂 thank you for being here as my guest, I am sure our friends will enjoy reading and knowing you like I did 🙂 . As said whatever begins  has to end and we too come to an end with todays post .

Will return next Saturday with a new star shining bright in the Blogging World 

Reach Sudhir @

And tweet him @seriousfunnyguy

13 thoughts on “Blogger of the week#9

    1. Thank you so much Swappy but whatever comes has to go and whatever starts has to end , after its tenght post , this segment is also coming to its end to begin with a new .. Now we will be featuring Monthly instead of Weekly .

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  1. Lovely post. I especially liked the part about taking care of the elderly. Lately I have been been thinking about this myself (although I am a senior, crazy I know). Thank you for this very thought provoking post.

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