Shayar Vs Joker

Whenever I try to write any good stuff by encouraging  so called ‘Shayar’ inside me,  this ‘Joker’ always come to become a hurdle in it. And the same way, Shayar takes his r…

Source: Shayar Vs Joker

A beautiful post,  इंसान के दिल और दिमाग़ के बीच के द्व्न्ध का इससे सुंदर लिपिकारण न पढ़ा मैंने । आप भी पढ़ें और सराहें .. मेरे छोटे भाई की क़लम से ..

15 thoughts on “Shayar Vs Joker

  1. Thank you so much Di <3…. you made me happy by sharing my post on your blog :)) Love You more than ever 😀 .. but also i am a bit angry that you unfollowed me before 😦 ,, but now you followed me today finally.. thats a bliss for me :)..

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