Blogger of the Week #8

I have the pleasure to introduce one of my fellow blogger Miguel Angel Oquendo from USA, Huachua City, Airzona . He has remarkable insight into a Biblical Psychology and he also happens to be my first follower. His guidance in my early days of blogging on improving my writing skills is immense. Even today, he is always there to guide and advice. He is my friend, philosopher and guide. Let us know him better by reading the answers to the following questions put forth before him :

Q1. Tell us about your work.What do you do ?
Well, how to address this, seeing as I’m unemployed, retired. I will answer this in relation to my blog for that appears to be my “work”.

“The workman is worthy of his hire.” The Bible tells me. I work for the Lord, as you can see, I am a Christian, but I urge you (as Jyots can attest..) not to stop reading just because I am a Christian, because I am a very unusual Christian. For me blogging is to be in the Service of the Lord. My being unusual is why I have many readers across the spectrum of religions, various worships.
Q2. How according to you inner peace and happiness can be attained ?
It is attained by Faith, trust, but that as an ingredient which can be profitable is only achieved through instruction. IE the individual must be accessed, and by that I mean “The Soul”. The Soul within the human being must connect to your (you the purveyor of) talk, your conversation.

And why is this so?

Simply because this is the predicament, the human dilemma; IE Humankind is a fallen creation, and fallen because of our human first counterpart; Adam our father, the first being. So what does this say? It begs the question; “Why did Adam Fall?” The answer to that is “Distrust”. The Significance of God’s instructions did not make an impression upon the Soul of Adam, but losing the “Life” of God did make an impress, and how so? We inherited the Void in Man. Were it not for the loss of the Life of God humankind would not need to identify with Value, would not need to have meaning. So, ipso facto, God’s Life is what we need and there is a way to have that, obtain True Value, Real Value, and that’s where Faith comes into the picture, and that’s precisely how God found a way out for us. In this way (He found) we exercise Trust, and Faith.

Q3. How long have you been Blogging ?
I have, this time around, been blogging since the middle of 2015. I had 3 to 4 month stints which I gave up on in previous years to that (2015 reboot). So one can say I have been at it for 1 year and a half this time, and for 8 months intermittently before this reboot.
Q4. What inspires you the most to write?
God and the regenerated Life He has supplied me. His Love, His Grace, His Mercy.
Q5. How has life changed post blogging?
Several things have changed…..

Purpose, my health, fulfillment, Spiritual growth, a tendency to need less of the dramatic emotional frailties the flesh is straddled with, and strangely; I have become a better writer, but no not grammatically, I mean just a better “Teller”, communicator. And friends, more friends around the world.

Q6. How do you take time out for blogging from your daily chores especially when you have almost full time work?
The only work I might have is cleaning house, so I have more time on my hands than most folk. I’m retired. But if I did work, my advise would be to to get up extra early to do so. Why because the mind has more clarity then and more Spiritual might then because it is still on the “night fast”. The later you wait to do it, the more sluggish your creative ability will be. After all, the Spirit needs to overcome the flesh.
Q7. What as per you should one have the attitude towards life?
I worry mostly about life that folk’s attitude should not (I repeat should not) be one of feeling the need to measure themselves against the illusive rod of “Perfection” for it is a fraud, and offers nothing for them. In the end should that be our little god you will be left with destitution. Remember; “The quest for ‘perfection’ is born out of ‘imperfection’.”, (yes this is my own quote (Though I gave permission to a fellow blogger who asked to use it on her blog.)).

So we want more out of life than to be manipulated out of emptiness. The Life of God within is what we should aspire to possess.
Q8. What is better- Blogging as a profession or passion?
Tricky question, and why so? On the one hand, we equate profession with money, and so in that negotiable substance is whereas we stand to fail, since money is a gauge which is created from the mind of a flawed and broken entity.

Now passion also can mislead us, as passion implies a love, which can translate into an ideal which might be born of “Preference”, and with that we create a narrowness of mind which keeps the truth far out of reach. Preference is a safety zone. To better sketch out what I say; Our idea of love is itself preferential unlike the Love of God, see, and though we have a tendency to believe that the love we know is grandiose and full of trumpets and such, in fact it is lacking a “Eternal” something.

Therefore to be hired by very God Himself to blog, being allowed access to the Eternal negotiable something sanctioned at the Cross of Calvary through His flesh and Blood, Jesus Christ, yes that I would aspire to.

Q9. Finish this line – Life without blogging is…life with limitations.

Q10. Do you think post blogging you have made more friends or competitors?
I have to say both with one clarification. IE In order to be a genuine competitor you must compete at my level which means that you do what I do, same voice but better, and therefore I could not help but make of you a welcome competition.

He who is not against us is with us.

Now, we come to an end and this is the part which I hate the most as I have to say goodbye.


One can read Miguel Angel Oquendo in his blog

Tweet him at @kipling1230_mao and his  email address is


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