Blogger of the week #7

Seldom do you meet people who have excelled in all phases of their lives. Vikram Waman Karve has to be one of them. A published Writer, author ofCocktail and Appetite for a Stroll.

If I start describing him in detail perhaps I will have to start a series of blogs doing just that. Hence, here is what ALL he has achieved in a nutshell.  

I hope I do justice to his neverending list of achievements and feats. He is an avid blogger from the past 18 years. A published author for numerous fictional and non-fictional articles on topics ranging from food, books, travel, philosophy, academics, technology, management, health, pet parenting, teaching stories, self help and art of living essays. An in-house editor for magazines and journals for many years, before the advent of blogging.

Vikram has donned the hat of a mentor at a University as a Professor for 15 years and now teaches as a visiting faculty and devotes most of his time to creative writing and blogging. 

I am truly honoured to have such a multifaceted person be part of my blogging journey as well.

I want Vikram to share his views with us and let us know more about him as a fellow Blogger and a friend.

What is Vikram in real life – a disciplined Naval Officer or a Free Writer wandering in thoughts…?


Well – the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Discipline does not mean “rigid thinking”. I was a disciplined Naval Officer – but – at the same time – I let my imagination run wild which ensured that my mind was always filled with interesting thoughts.


Share few or a moments which turned or brought changes in your life


Joining the Navy changed my life in a major way – yes – unique experiences that shaped my life – unforgettable characters who made an indelible impression on me – opportunities for continual learning – all of which formed the foundation for my creative writing and blogging. 


I want Vikram Karve as a blogger, to reply few questions opening his heart . 🙂


Q1. How long have you been Blogging…?


I have been blogging for around 18 years now – since 1999.


Q2. What message would you want to give out to fellow bloggers and youth of the country…?


Everyone wants to “say something” – and – blogging is the easiest and most effective medium to express yourself.

Earlier – in the days before the advent of the internet – the only way to express your feelings was in the print medium – and – it was difficult for you to get your writings published – since – you were at the mercy of editors who sat in judgement on your writing.

Now – blogging gives you the power to digitally “publish” whatever you want to say – and – your writings are instantly accessible to the whole world.


Q3. How difficult is it to put on paper the story of imagination or say fiction…?


You “write” your story twice.

First – you “write” the story in your mind’s eye (imagination).

Then – you actually write the story on paper (or screen).

The first part is easy – everyone “writes” stories in their mind – based on their experiences/observations.

For the second part – you have to learn the craft of writing. For this – you must read a lot of good literature – and preferably – do a course/workshop in creative writing.

But – before you begin “writing” fiction – you must learn to “observe” – you must genuinely “feel” some emotion from your observations/experiences – and – you must want to express your emotions – you must feel the urge to “say something”.

I feel that all Fiction is based on the Writer’s Real Life Experiences – in fact – “Fiction is a dramatized version of the Truth”


Q.4 We love how detailed and passionate your posts are. They flow beautifully without errors and mirror your personality. How do you take time out for blogging?


If you are passionate about something (or someone) – you will always find the time to follow your passion.

Earlier – when I worked in the Navy – I would write/blog on weekends.

Now – after retirement – I have plenty of time for blogging.

In fact – I took a conscious decision not to take up a job after retirement so that I can devote my time for writing/blogging.


Q5. What inspires you the most to write…?


I am a sensitive person – so – life experiences evoke emotions and feelings within me.

It is my inner urge to express my feelings – to “say something” – that inspires me to write/blog.


Q6. How has life changed, post blogging…?  


Though chronologically – I am a “Senior Citizen” – Blogging has kept me “Mentally Young”.

There are two sayings about Happiness:

1. Happiness is when you think “interesting thoughts”

2. Happiness is when you have “something to look forward to”

Blogging ensures both these aspects – I am constantly thinking interesting thoughts – and – I always have something to look forward to – writing blogs.

Blogging has become the sine qua non of my life.

Thanks to Blogging – I feel youthful, happy and healthy.

I have coined a phrase: “A Blog a day keeps the Doctor away”


Q7. When the entire country is divided over the definition of ‘patriotism’, how would you define it?


There is a need to distinguish between “Patriotism” and “Jingoism”

Patriotism is Genuine Action to serve the Nation.

Jingoism comprises Rhetoric which advises others to be “patriotic”. For example – Politicians exhort Soldiers to “sacrifice” their lives for the nation – but – have you seen Politicians motivate their own children to join the Army and risk their lives for the nation…?


Q8. What is better- Blogging as a profession or passion?


For me – Blogging is a Passion.

In any case – even if you monetize your blog – I feel that you cannot earn enough money by Blogging alone to live a decent quality of life.


Q9. Do you think post blogging you have made more friends or competitors?


Blogging has made me plenty of friends all over the world – from all age groups and cultures.

Blogging is a “creative activity” and not a “competitive activity” – so – there is space for every blogger to flourish in the blogosphere.


Q10. Finish this line – Life without blogging is…


Life without blogging is as good as creative death.

With this, we come to an end of this conversation and call it a day. Thank you Vikram for the beautiful message and motivation for us and the youth. We wish you continue writing with the same zest so as to satiate the appetite of readers like us 🙂 

Here are the links to Vikram’s Blogs: 

Academic and Creative Writing Journal:

Vikram Karve Writing: 

You can follow Vikram on Twitter at @vikramwkarve 

With this, we come to an end of this conversation and call it a day. Thank you Vikram for the beautiful message and motivation for us and the youth. We wish you continue writing with the same zest so as to satiate the appetite of readers like us 🙂 “Nivedita” 🙂

7 responses to “Blogger of the week #7”

  1. I too enjoy reading his posts, especially the humorous ones

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    1. Yeah , I love the fictions . Thank you for stopping by Sir 🙂


  2. Thank you Jyotsna “Nivedita” for the honour.
    It feels good to be featured in the “Blogger of the Week” Series.
    Your Blog is really well designed and very attractive to read.
    I will be regularly reading your blog now.
    All the Best

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Sir , your presence on my blog made it more attractive and it will be my pleasure if a splendid writer becomes a regular reader .. Thanks, once again for sharing your time words and experience .


  3. Splendid work Jo! Every week you present us with a new personality, a new perspective and lots of new learnings from your guests. Again, Vikram Sir an inspiration for us. Thanks to both of you to spare time and enlighten us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dheer , this is your alls support and words of motivation which keeps me going . Vikram sir is a real inspiration , an avid writer it’s my pleasure to get a chance to know him .. 😊

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