Winter’s call #2

  • A composition composed by an admirable and respectable fellow blogger Mrs.Amita Singh @drsinghuk  and me, expressing today’s mood on a perfect cold winter day. Hope everyone enjoys the warmth of the words in short ❄⛄ winter tale .. “Nivedita”

22 responses to “Winter’s call #2”

  1. Some cool writing skills here…:-)


    1. Thanks a tonne 🙂 will visit your blog soon .. thanks for the support

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          1. I will be in KBags on the 1st Feb.. Morning

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    1. Thanks a tonne 😊😊

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  2. Lovely composition di
    Can feel your love for the winter.Enjoy to the fullest with hott cocoa😃😃

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    1. Thanks dear, we did it over tweets . it just happened the amazing winters and cocoa any time.. My always ready come along lets share:)

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      1. Nice tweet tweet product😉😉
        Have a good day

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  3. Two masters at work! Awesome is the only word that comes to mind

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    1. Credit to u, thanks for bringing Amitaji in our World.. She is a real master 😍

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