Far far away #2💜💗💞

It is love , when I set you free,

and you say” NO, be with me 💑

Though, I know what you said ,

Was all so unreal ,u said just to say,

You thinking of keeping troubles away,

Trust me! I am going and will never come,

To trouble you or blocking your way ,

My love for you is growing day by day ,

It is sacred and true that’s why i crave ,

Deep kisses, longing hugs, and I lay

Lonely all night alone in my bed ,

Dreaming you with my open open eyes,

From Miles away , Far Far away.. nivedita

46 thoughts on “Far far away #2💜💗💞

  1. Gracias ! That’s what I can only comment . Are you in love with ‘ nature ‘ too ? I know your passion of cooking , cooking Blogs , writing Reviews & what not . Your blog readers ‘ love ‘ you . Please don’t take my comments in the wrong ‘ way ‘ .

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    1. I am overwhelmed with the words of appreciation , thank you and why shall I take it otherwise I am so lucky to receive love from you all.☺☺yes I love nature , mother nature is where i find peace, I have born n lived half of my life in the exotic beauty of East which i am missing now … I love photography and almost all the pictures used by me in the blog and twitter are clicked by me and edited too by myself .. ☺☺

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          1. Jyotsana , my twitter account has been blocked . The problem will get solved when I am back to my home town . I am unable to unlock my twitter account account , because my mobile does not get the messages from India . My Mobile is as old as me . Thanks for the concern .


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