Bloggers Of the Week #4

Here I come again with my another star of the week , I met her at WordPress as a fellow Blogger friend and later when I came to know about her , and her personality, I was amazed with her efficient writing and her young age .

We rarely come across, sooner or later, to the acts of excellence, here and there, which we find Marvellous. The reason being they are extra-ordinary, soothing, surprising and astonishing. Let me introduce to you all, Miss Ishika, who writes amazingly well at her tender age of just 16. I call her  ‘Lil Wonder’. The reason being that her writings surpasses her age and when she will attain further maturity in her writing with age, people will keep wondering. But we won’t wonder because we will have habit of her startle.

So Here I present the lil Birdy briefing us about  herself to us 

Ishika please tell our audience about yourself a what you think you are.. 

Hey ,myslef ishika, a school student ,who loves to enjoy in her own world ,i love to know about this crazy world.. for me friends are my life, i love to read novels! i love writing out my thoghts.. and still i can’t describe myself !

Ishika carrying on the fun knowing you we move ahead to the next section of the interview.

Reply few questions mandatory for my guests to reply in this series ..

Here are a few questions for you- 

Q1. How long have you been Blogging for? 

ANS: I created my account on 26th october ’15,I remember it it’s like 1 year being here.and i am glad that i am have been a part of it!

Q2. What inspires you the most to write?

ANS: ummm,it’s people,sometimes my feelings,I started writing when i was in class 7,no idea where the words came from but after that when everyone praised and i felt like i had someone to share then i started writing.

Q3. How has life changed post blogging? 

ANS: Change, it didn’t,ya but i have got some great bloggers here who inspires me a lot!juat like jyotsna di,bunny,arti,dhiraj,kutkut… and a lot more!!

Q4. How do you take time out for blogging in your daily life with full time work? 

ANS:Hmm.. It’s like when i am alone or i am thinking too much,then I pen down my thoughts,I mostly do these things at night ,or sometimes in school,when I am free !

Q5. What is better- Blogging as a profession or passion? 

i think blogging as passion as writing is passion for me I love it as it feels someone is there who is listning to me all the time..!

Q6. Finish this line – Life without blogging is…

ANS: Life without blogging is just like I without my bestiee!! because blogging really gives me relief!

Q7. Do you think post blogging you have made more friends or competetors? 

ANS: I have made it for friends !! friends who can tell me where I am wrong!! so i don’t think blogging is for competiton

Some of doesn’t know she is also a tweetard and has more than 1000 followers already. Kindly share your Twitter handle and your blog Link so that friends who want to read you may read directly from here .

Ans. Yes I like tweeting and getting connected with my friends and I am glad I have made many real friends in this virtual World .

My Twitter handle is : @ishikacool231

* Kindly do not DM

My blog I’d :

Thank you Ishika for sharing all with us I am very glad you shared your valuable time in the middle of the preparations of your Board exams and I am sure everyone who read this wishes you all the very best for your exams and wish you succeed and make all of us more proud with wonderful scores .

I conclude here sharing few lines of which are Ishika Bharadwaj’s favourite :

Words unsaid !!

Between the two ..

then too they had said evrything!!

With these lines I conclude this year entering into a New One

* Wish everyone A very Happy New Year 💥💥💞

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