Blogger of the week #3

Another week another star , 

In the festive mood I am here with my friend “Swapnil Pandey “whom I first met on my blog when she just started blogging and at one go I read all her thirteen posts , I very well remember.. 

She is a versatile writer and within few months she bloomed like a beautiful flower .. step by step she headed towards success from blog to website 

Here I share her email id and her website id with you all

While interviewing her I asked her to let us know about her , and she with full enthusiasm and love opened herself to us .. 

Here I present the interview with my Blogger of the series ..

Q. Swapnil , Describe you ..

I am an absolutely girl next door who have lead a very nomadic life always. Starting from a software developer to the marketing job in a bank to teach graduate students at lovely professional university to a local school i have done all. Finally I have set my heart into blogging and I opened a wordpress account which ended up being a wonderful site This  is proving very therapeutic to me too along with letting me interact with like minded lovely people around which is so unlike social media interactions…It is fresh and refreshing….

Q. Wonderful dear , I have seen you as a fun loving and as a traveller , what are your future plans ?

I am a girl in love with my clothes and shoes. I literally lives in my Zara Culottes and Aldo wedges. Fashion for is who I am rather than following latest trends and copying celebrities. I love my L’occitance moisturisers and Marks and Spencer Body butters. They are my best friends. I love travelling and have travelled almost all across the country with few more places in my mind for my next venture like Guwahati and BHutan……

Coming now to the  questions mandatory for  my guests to reply ..

Q1. How long have you been Blogging for? 
since april 2016 just been like 9 months

Q2. What inspires you the most to write?

the army our protectors which serve us and the nation. also i am a very nomadic at heart so evrything and anything under the sky might catch my attention

Q3. How has life changed post blogging? 

I consider blogging healing. It’s very therapeutic. I am more calm and balanced now. And also if you do it right it is also llot of easy money for your pocket too…

Q4. How do you take time out for blogging in your daily life with full time work? 

Yeah, This is a challenge but then if you really like doing something you will always find time for it.

Q5. What is better- Blogging as a profession or passion? 
both. The kind of blogging which is passionate is bound to yeild good proffesional results.
Q6. Finish this line –

Life without blogging is… “sad now”

Q7. Do you think post blogging you have made more friends or competetors? 

I don’t think blogging can ever result in competitors..the purpose of blogging is to make like minded friends… You grow with your friends when you blog . And it’s just not me even google god like pyramidical blogging friendly groups.

This is the irony of life ,whatever starts has to come to an end and it’s same with us, it’s  time to call the  day .. next week I will come with another amazing blogger presenting beautiful insights .. :)🙏 “Nivedita”

42 thoughts on “Blogger of the week #3

  1. Jyotsana a ji Great initiative by you “Blogger of the week” & good to know about swapnil ji.

    नेक लोगों की संगत से
    हमेशा भलाई ही मिलती है
    हवा जब फूलो से गुज़रती है
    तो वो भी खुश्बुदार हो जाती है


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