ख्वाबजानेकितनेकलके , अगलेपलकीखबरनहीं,सोचाजोवोहोतानहीं, जोहोतावोसोचानहीं ,चाहाजोवोपायानहीं, जोपायावोचाहानहीं ,add-heading   घरसेनिकलगोदमेंलेने , कन्धादेनेपहुँचगए ,उनमासूमोंकीजानबचाने ,अपनीजानपेखेलगए ,नमनउनशहीदोंको ,जोहमसोयेसोसोयेनहीं ,हमहंसरहेखुशियोंकेदामनमें ,हैतैयारियांदिवालीकी , ..धन्यउसपिताकीछातीकोजोखुलकेरोयाभीनहीं अश्रुधाराकालीअमावसछायीहै  वहां ,तभी  नन्हापोताबोलरहा रोनामाँऔरदादीतुम , मैंहूँ , तोक्याअबबाबानहीं !

मैंजल्दीबड़ाहोजाऊंगाऔर  ज्यादातमगेलाऊंगा 
जोबाबादससेभिड़े, मैंबीसोंसेभिड़जाऊंगा 
जन्ममरणकाखेलदेखो ,हल्लादोनोंओरही,

एकहैकलरव ,एकरुदनहै ,समयएकबसजगहनहीं ,उत्सवजन्मकामनताकहिं ,तोतांडवमृत्यूकामचाकहीं। .. निवेदिता

38 thoughts on “शहादत

          1. No I am serious. You write on variety of issues and very sensitive.
            You are innocent in your response. But let me tell you . You are pretty good with words.

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              1. That’s a tough one though.. have been wandering for almost one and a half years.. in the pretext of going on..or moving on is what usually used..

                But thank you for you’re unconditional support and wishes. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hi cattie, this is a tribute to the martyr’s and their family . Crux is : what is going on at their homes when we are in preparation of celebrating Diwali and welcoming the festive seasons. How the martyr’s parents Wife and the little son of him expresses their grief . Father can’t cry openly, mother cant stop crying and the Lil one says don’t cry I will grow up soon and will complete the task what Dad left in the middle , he says if dad killed 10 militants , I will kill twenty. A state of grief is everywhere there, and we at our homes are celebrating the festivals , tried to picturise a small comparison , how we are safe because of the soldiers at the fronts , how we sleep in peace because the soldiers are awake.


    1. dhanyawaad apka , yeh to ek katu satya hai aur ek Shaheed ke parivar ki Shahadat ka dard samajhna humare liye kathin hai yeh toh wo hi samajh sakte hain jinhone apno ko Desh ko samarpit kar diya ho

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