मानव या हैवान

मानवता कहाँ धूमिल भयी ,
लुप्त हुए धर्म संस्कार ;

उदारता का विलोप हुआ,
हुआ हावी अत्याचार ….

अपनी माँ को पूज रहा ,
बनाकर उसे महान ;

निज स्त्री को पीटा ,
बनकर स्वयं हैवान ;

धिक्कार ऐसी माँ को
जो ऐसा पूत जना ,

शय देती शैतान को
जो इंसान से
 हैवान बना।। ” Nivedita ”

49 thoughts on “मानव या हैवान

    1. Ye ek sacchi ki ghatna pe likhi meine , kshubdh thi mein ke jo beta apni ma ko itna pyar samman kare ki usi ke bahkave mein apni patni ko pratadit karta hai .. dhikkar hai aisi ma aur bete dono pe aur humare samaj pe jo aisi soch ko jankar bhi kuch na kare

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                1. जी हां , तहज़ीब और तोहमत तो बहाने हैं ज़माने के गुफ्तग़ु बढ़ाने के … समझे.. Thanking or resolving a blame , is just a way to start conversation .. to share the thoughts of the like minded friends .. well I am just sharing this line which I wrote instantly while replying you

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                    1. Even here you are wrong .. you don’t have to depend on friends like me to avoid negativity, you need more positivity and trust on yourself to avoid negativity . To move on from one trouble we start creating new by depending on others

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                    2. It is not depending jyo. Its expressing gratitude for being there with me as a support..but yes I have always been self motivated and fought my own life’s battle . thanks for being kind 🙂

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  1. Aap bohot accha likhte ho. I wish har Indian ka mindset aap jaisa ho. Being an Indian woman it really touched me. A serious reform is needed in our society. No country can progress until its women are insecure.
    Hats off Ma’m

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    1. thank you cauvery for the generosity and for stopping by . I agree to your statement a serious reform is needed to our society and the process starts from our House, as said Charity begins from home . Thanks once again for motivating me 🙂


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