चेहरे पे लाल सुर्ख लाली ,

कांति मानो सूर्य की ,
महनत की बूँदें टपकती हुई ,
प्यास नज़रों में बाकी,
कशिश भागते हुए क़दमों की, 
प्रतिबिम्भ चंचल मृग की, 
बौराया सा घूम रहा ,
खोज कस्तूरी की बाकी। … ” निवेदिता “

41 thoughts on “कांति

                    1. she has your number I never had, how to connect, and truth is no one ever forgotten u .. though I am not the part of that group any more , everybody inclusive of Ishi, Raman , Hem and pritu keep missing u n asked ur num. many a times, I dont connect and if i do I never forget

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      1. The one with this post of you stood near the ocean looking freezing cold with wet hair ….it’s actually a lovely pic but I want to wrap you in a great big towel and warm you up:D:D

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    1. hey dear the comment is so so sweet but strange it is I dont know which pic is visible to you as I have not uploaded any :p and is not visible to me either :):) ..but thank you for the beautiful loving words 🙂 touched I am :):)

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