First Kiss

Around , all around 

the dark night ,
dreaming of ur first kiss,
the passion in my eyes ,
reflecting in yours ,
your hands all over ,
your chest touching mine, 
holding my face ,
you kissed and kissed ,
my eyes were closing , 
control over senses ,
was all now yours ,
I was all yours,  and, 
you were all mine .
the gleam of moonlight,
on the corner of my bed ,
covered us like the gloomy sheet ,
your lips ran down touching my neck,
crazy I go when I look back….
now all alone ,wounded 
longing for your love 
it pains and grows unbearably,
your words fall against my aching heart,
and darkly my love running in vain,
drops to the cold , uncaring bed, 
my soul falls upon,
uncaring, tears in my eyes ,
In a haze of Shock !
I call your name,
while my dreams take me ,
to the dark all around ,
where we first hugged ,
and reached the bliss ,
where we first met ,
and you first kissed . ….”Nivedita”
waiting for you , hoping 
we meet again,
dwelling in each other 
hugged , we again Kiss. .. :* 🙂

56 thoughts on “First Kiss

      1. Shukriya Jyotsana ji,
        ‘ इतनी इज़्ज़त ना बक्षिए,जिस के क़ाबिल नहीं’सागर’.!
        गरूर इतना आ जाए की,खुद को भूल ही जाए’सागर’.!! ‘

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