Doctors and Me -2

"An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away, "

A very well heard and said Quote , but when you meet a Doctor Like Doctor Ashwani Mehta You change your mind and say 

  “When the Doctor is cute forget  the Fruit ” 🙂

Friends, I always try to introduce you all , with good Souls  who are “Being Human ,being a Human “, and  those who inspires us in life. 

One such figure, in the field of medical profession, is Dr. Ashwini Mehta. 

“दिल का डॉक्टर”  … मर्ज़ भी दिल का  , एक ऐसा डॉक्टर जिसे मिलकर ही मर्ज़ भाग जाये , पर ठीक होने का मन ना करे 🙂 🙂 

A Doctor who cures unhealthy Heart and leaves a beautiful mark on the Patient’s heart 🙂

At a very young age with his hard work , he has achieved a lot. He is just 45 , The degree of doctor is indeed an achievement, but what the achievement to be cherished is,  his consistency at providing a low-cost and relevant diagnosis.


Dr. Ashwani Mehta, MD, DM,


Presently working as Senior Consultant Cardiologist at


 ” Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , New Delhi” since June 1999 .He is Actively involved in practicing Comprehensive cardiology which includes non-invasive, invasive  and Clinical Cardiology.

photograph with president.JPG

He also took care of Honorable President Of  INDIA when he was admitted SGRH in 2001 & Ms.Sonia Gandhi in 2008.

At present also involved in Teaching, taking care of various clinical trials and Cardiac Transplant Programme.

These are just a few achievements, if I start describing ,even ten posts of mine will not be enough .

He is always ready to treat his patients at any hour of the day or Night, I was surprised to see him working almost seventeen hours a day with a big smile growing bigger and bigger with the Sun setting ,with no regret, no pressure, and no frustration.


 If you meet any of his patients, everyone will agree that his smile and instant assurance is what makes them feel 50% already recovered, and the family members of the patients are strictly advised to call anytime any hour when needed, without a second thought and astonishingly he attends all, even when he is in the OT , his assistant will keep the notings and as soon as he is out, he responds back , then and there.


 I had the occasion of meeting him when my father-in-law suffered a silent heart attack. We rushed to him ,he did ECG and all relevant test. We were sure that he would admit him then only  , but to the contrary, he assured him that nothing was to be worried. He said with a smile that ‘who said you, Sir, that you had a major problem? Go home, relax, we meet later, and the Old patient was 50% better instantly, his anxiety, which was causing more trouble, vanished in thin air. We were also relieved for the moment. Though he underwent angioplasty later,  but the behavior of the doctor was always healing. I have seen him coming out of the OT after surgery , and settling down in no minute, meeting the next patient with utmost patience and attention without showing any   pressure or stress dealt . 

It wouldn’t be any exaggeration if I call him God for his Patients , he is the savior, a boon and a blessing to his  patients . 

His most of the weekends go as Social work , he treats free to the patients who are not able to Pay, even for the surgeries .


Not only this but after staying and practicing in the US, and seeing the World he preferred coming back to his Motherland and serve the Country . Those patients who do not understand English he helps them in their language and even by writing the prescription in Hindi. He is associated with many NGO’s 

and has the membership at

  • Cardiological Society of India
  • Association Of Physicians Of India
  • National Medical Organisation
  • Delhi Diabetic Association
  • Delhi Diabetic Forum
  • Delhi Medical Association
  • Delhi Cardiological Society
  • India International Centre
  • Vivekanand Medical Mission  

Dr. Mehta believes that watching TV is just a waste of time and he teaches the same to his Kids , His Wife his Life support and lifeline Dr. Praveen Suman Mehta  is his real strength which keeps him going  . He  and his Wife believes touching feet and-and showing gratitude to the elder’s nurtures sanskara in us . I might keep on praising him more and more as my experience with him is a wonderful one. A smiling Doctor always ready to help in all ways always . :):)


My purpose is not showering praise on anyone specific ,but trying to bring in light the good work done by the people around us, whenever I become aware of and at the same time, I wish to convey that  we should not have predetermined Notion towards any professional like Doctors who do not  work for money  but for service to Mankind .

#P.S. You can reach Dr. Mehta

# +919811057384


50 thoughts on “Doctors and Me -2

    1. Thank you Amit .. was waiting for your support on this one 🙂 .. thank you so much for the lovely words . I really want to bring the good faces to the World as these days the white coats are always looked with suspicion which is not right 🙂

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    1. He is indeed .. A gem of a person , the day I met him I felt we need such souls and they should get a little appreciation for the good work , service they are doing for the society . May God bless him with strength and same spirit always

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good relationship doesn’t demand words…n so I never awaits ur comments n feel happy with ur simple presence in my life…n it’s no coincidence that we met… On the lighter side my work load has increased too much n still I try my best to read n acknowledge my fnds…n it’s easier for me to find ppl who ping me regularly but as I hardly find u there in my blog so whenever I have time I still try to drop into ur blog n see Wats Goin on into this lovely lady s life…

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        1. Hi swappy its not like this , as I told u my fone also whashed up :(:( bina phone ke gone technologically handicapped . Its like a total black out and too much of sickness was around just now got up from chikungunya and many troubles , today after a month I am reading the posts dear or may be two months .. 🙂 and yes I treasure our friendship. I just posted a few posts in the past three four months not regular at all


          1. Haha…ur so sweet.
            Y explaining? U asked so I answered my side…n as i said good relationship don’t demands words or anything.. I know we r fnds n I treasure it…n trust me chk out my posts with time followers have increased so it gets tough for me to find anyone until they ping me…n u song dhiraj etc r my treasured fnds whom I ll always love…u guys were my first fnds in this big blog world…n gave me motivation to write especially u…so plz chill…we ll catch up soon…no big deal…love u

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            1. love you too and it was’nt explanation it was sharing .. a friend in need is a friend indeed .. toh takleefon ko share kiya aur bataya dosti kitni pragadh ki iphone ko pani mein girane tak se nahin darei hum … lol n yes we were the first friends on this blog ki duniya ..:)


  1. It is good to know about him and his work, really appreciable. However, nothing is a waste of time – especially TV. One can learn so much in the age of technology these days, just that we have to follow the right path.

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    1. Thank you Alok , yes I agree to you that there is so much to gasp from the Technology , but the view differs from person to person . here in the context he meant for the kids wasting time on watching Cartoons .. Thank you once again for reading and sharing your support and views. 🙂 keep visiting 🙂

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        1. haha ALok , stay away from the kids,:):) They would love to meet you ,and who knows better than me wether Nobita is teaching what to the kids , my daughter wants a Doremon for the gadets who can do homework and love the laziness of Nobita.. Motu patlu only eats and chota bheem the super hero teaches eat laddoo to get power .. I miss the my times cartoons when on Sundays we used to get early to watch mickey mouse , sindbad, potli baba , panchatankra ki kahaniyan and so many moral stories .. , POPYE who taught you to eat Spinach is no more available.. these days shinchan teaches you how to have a crush on fellow mate and do all the menace ..

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        1. I can read them but commenting on the posts still not availble , I am only able to like , btw lovely blog and the funny moments is funny indeed . Glad you share thoughtful thoughts with the kids in a funny way .. keep going all my best wishes to you and your family

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