Doctors & Me 

When we talk about , “Woman” we picturise “Women of Substance’, “

But today I am writing about a woman,who is a Doctor by proffession and a beautiful lady and a heart of a Mother  . 

In  my new series of posts ,you all will be reading about wonderful Doctors ,I have come accross.  

My experience with Doctors “.. 

Normally ,we want to stay away from Doctors ,but when the pictures and reflexes comes to my mind of the Doctors I have met in the past few months , gives me a smile and a feel of happiness , posted at the higer posts and practicing as Senior Doctors,yet modest and down to Earth ,you will be in love with such Humble and kind Doctors.
First post in this series I am sharing ,is my meeting with Dr. Mrs. Ka “Meera Walang “.

 I met her at Shillong ,for my own problem which made me so worried and puzzled, but after meeting her all pain flew away.

Her journey of life is an inspiring one. 

She says that if one has a determination and passion for something, then even the biggest hurdle in life can be surpassed, what one needs is patience and consistency. 

She is a Dermatologist, She did her schooling and Collegiate from St. mary’s  Convent , Shillong . 

Further she pursued her MBBS from Dibrugarh and PG From Gauhati Medical College,  as Dermatologist.

She is practicing in Shillong ,with full determination and serving People with wholeheartedly.

A true to her saying, I have seen her dealing calmly even with her utmost impatient visitors. 

This very quality of hers,has won the heart of many patients she treats. 

Her mother, Ka Icilda Walang, is a housewife but her faith in God has given Dr Meera Walang ,much needed strength and belief at doubtful times. Her father, Late Lalchand ji Sachdeva, has remained an equally inspiring figure in her growth. The story of rags to riches, of her father, has taught her that no labour goes in vain.

What is needed is true intentions and commitment in work. She treats her patients with the feeling of serving the almighty. She indulge herself in lot of Social service by treating the needy free and helping them with free medicines , morning hours she meet her patients at home and rest of the time is spent at the Economic Hall and the Hospital.

She is nature loving , has a strong love for the Nature and has grown hundreds of species of different flowers at Home which is an inspiration for us , when in such busy schedule she can indulge herself with gardening and planting why cant we . ? 

She is very determined to her proffession, that even if she comes across a patient ,who is over worried and willing to spend a lot on medicine or surgery, she would not suggest it unless required.

 This is what differentiates her from the crowd. She not only sees patients at home but also take out time to visits other places in case people are unable to come ,due to there other problems. Her 24×7 attitude of service deserves admiration. Kudos to ladies like her who make Meghalaya proud….. “Nivedita”

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