मानव या हैवान

मानवता कहाँ धूमिल भयी ,
लुप्त हुए धर्म संस्कार ;

उदारता का विलोप हुआ,
हुआ हावी अत्याचार ….

अपनी माँ को पूज रहा ,
बनाकर उसे महान ;

निज स्त्री को पीटा ,
बनकर स्वयं हैवान ;

धिक्कार ऐसी माँ को
जो ऐसा पूत जना ,

शय देती शैतान को
जो इंसान से
 हैवान बना।। ” Nivedita ”

भाव -अभाव


भाव के अभाव में प्रभू का स्वभाव देखो

भाव खाये जा रहे हैं जितना पाये जा रहे हैं -,…

सहजता से मेरे प्रेम को अनदेखा किये जा रहे हैं

प्रभु तो विष्णु हैं,  मुझे श्री नहीं तो भू मानलें,

आप जो कृष्णा , हैं तो मझे राधा स्वीकार लें .. 

पर मेरी प्रीत को भूलाकर कैसे मुस्कुराते हैं देखो ,

एक मुझे छोड़ सभी से प्रीत बढ़ा रहे हैं …..

मेरे मन का भेद जान के भी स्वांग अनजान किया है,

मात्र मुझसे ही वह निष्ठुर ,भेद भाव किये जा रहे हैं….

भाव का प्रभाव मेरे अश्रुधारा में देखो .. 

कान्हा ,

मैं बहाये जा रही हूँ, वो पिए जा रहे हैं

 मैं रो रही हूँ , वो रुलाये जा रहे हैं… “निवेदिता “



चेहरे पे लाल सुर्ख लाली ,

कांति मानो सूर्य की ,
महनत की बूँदें टपकती हुई ,
प्यास नज़रों में बाकी,
कशिश भागते हुए क़दमों की, 
प्रतिबिम्भ चंचल मृग की, 
बौराया सा घूम रहा ,
खोज कस्तूरी की बाकी। … ” निवेदिता “

First Kiss

Around , all around 

the dark night ,
dreaming of ur first kiss,
the passion in my eyes ,
reflecting in yours ,
your hands all over ,
your chest touching mine, 
holding my face ,
you kissed and kissed ,
my eyes were closing , 
control over senses ,
was all now yours ,
I was all yours,  and, 
you were all mine .
the gleam of moonlight,
on the corner of my bed ,
covered us like the gloomy sheet ,
your lips ran down touching my neck,
crazy I go when I look back….
now all alone ,wounded 
longing for your love 
it pains and grows unbearably,
your words fall against my aching heart,
and darkly my love running in vain,
drops to the cold , uncaring bed, 
my soul falls upon,
uncaring, tears in my eyes ,
In a haze of Shock !
I call your name,
while my dreams take me ,
to the dark all around ,
where we first hugged ,
and reached the bliss ,
where we first met ,
and you first kissed . ….”Nivedita”
waiting for you , hoping 
we meet again,
dwelling in each other 
hugged , we again Kiss. .. :* 🙂


हिंदी दिवस पे मेरी मातृ भाषा को मेरी छोटी सी कृति समर्पित हिंदुस्तान के रहने वालो हिंदी अपनी बोली


अंग्रेजी के पीछे भागें हिंदी की हिंदी होली
पाठ मास्टर ने जो सिखलाया उसको भूलगये हैं
ABCD जाने सभी कोई अ आ याद नही हैं
हिंदी को ही नीचा देखें खाना यहीं पे खाके ,
ऐसे बाबू जेंटल मैन हरदम झूठी शान ही हांकें।
भावनाओं का क़त्ल हुआ है संवेदना हुई विहफल
थैंकू ,सॉरी ,प्लीज हैं मुंह पे मायने हैं इनके खोखल
संस्कृत जिसकी जननी है वह हिंदी इतनी बलवान
सीखें सारी भाषायें पर न भूलें मातृ भाशा का ज्ञान
हिंदी पे बिंदी न जड़ दें रखें इसका ध्यान
गौरवान्वित हूँ में रहे सभीको यह भान
हिंदी मेरी भाषा है और मेरी हिंदी महान। …. ” निवेदिता ”

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Doctors and Me -2

"An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away, "

A very well heard and said Quote , but when you meet a Doctor Like Doctor Ashwani Mehta You change your mind and say 

  “When the Doctor is cute forget  the Fruit ” 🙂

Friends, I always try to introduce you all , with good Souls  who are “Being Human ,being a Human “, and  those who inspires us in life. 

One such figure, in the field of medical profession, is Dr. Ashwini Mehta. 

“दिल का डॉक्टर”  … मर्ज़ भी दिल का  , एक ऐसा डॉक्टर जिसे मिलकर ही मर्ज़ भाग जाये , पर ठीक होने का मन ना करे 🙂 🙂 

A Doctor who cures unhealthy Heart and leaves a beautiful mark on the Patient’s heart 🙂

At a very young age with his hard work , he has achieved a lot. He is just 45 , The degree of doctor is indeed an achievement, but what the achievement to be cherished is,  his consistency at providing a low-cost and relevant diagnosis.


Dr. Ashwani Mehta, MD, DM,


Presently working as Senior Consultant Cardiologist at


 ” Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , New Delhi” since June 1999 .He is Actively involved in practicing Comprehensive cardiology which includes non-invasive, invasive  and Clinical Cardiology.

photograph with president.JPG

He also took care of Honorable President Of  INDIA when he was admitted SGRH in 2001 & Ms.Sonia Gandhi in 2008.

At present also involved in Teaching, taking care of various clinical trials and Cardiac Transplant Programme.

These are just a few achievements, if I start describing ,even ten posts of mine will not be enough .

He is always ready to treat his patients at any hour of the day or Night, I was surprised to see him working almost seventeen hours a day with a big smile growing bigger and bigger with the Sun setting ,with no regret, no pressure, and no frustration.


 If you meet any of his patients, everyone will agree that his smile and instant assurance is what makes them feel 50% already recovered, and the family members of the patients are strictly advised to call anytime any hour when needed, without a second thought and astonishingly he attends all, even when he is in the OT , his assistant will keep the notings and as soon as he is out, he responds back , then and there.


 I had the occasion of meeting him when my father-in-law suffered a silent heart attack. We rushed to him ,he did ECG and all relevant test. We were sure that he would admit him then only  , but to the contrary, he assured him that nothing was to be worried. He said with a smile that ‘who said you, Sir, that you had a major problem? Go home, relax, we meet later, and the Old patient was 50% better instantly, his anxiety, which was causing more trouble, vanished in thin air. We were also relieved for the moment. Though he underwent angioplasty later,  but the behavior of the doctor was always healing. I have seen him coming out of the OT after surgery , and settling down in no minute, meeting the next patient with utmost patience and attention without showing any   pressure or stress dealt . 

It wouldn’t be any exaggeration if I call him God for his Patients , he is the savior, a boon and a blessing to his  patients . 

His most of the weekends go as Social work , he treats free to the patients who are not able to Pay, even for the surgeries .


Not only this but after staying and practicing in the US, and seeing the World he preferred coming back to his Motherland and serve the Country . Those patients who do not understand English he helps them in their language and even by writing the prescription in Hindi. He is associated with many NGO’s 

and has the membership at

  • Cardiological Society of India
  • Association Of Physicians Of India
  • National Medical Organisation
  • Delhi Diabetic Association
  • Delhi Diabetic Forum
  • Delhi Medical Association
  • Delhi Cardiological Society
  • India International Centre
  • Vivekanand Medical Mission  

Dr. Mehta believes that watching TV is just a waste of time and he teaches the same to his Kids , His Wife his Life support and lifeline Dr. Praveen Suman Mehta  is his real strength which keeps him going  . He  and his Wife believes touching feet and-and showing gratitude to the elder’s nurtures sanskara in us . I might keep on praising him more and more as my experience with him is a wonderful one. A smiling Doctor always ready to help in all ways always . :):)


My purpose is not showering praise on anyone specific ,but trying to bring in light the good work done by the people around us, whenever I become aware of and at the same time, I wish to convey that  we should not have predetermined Notion towards any professional like Doctors who do not  work for money  but for service to Mankind .

#P.S. You can reach Dr. Mehta @drashwanimehta@gmail.com

# +919811057384



I dont have the “fireflies” of words to tell u how much light of love flashes in my heart for u ..

mujhe alfazon kejugnunahin milte

मुझे अल्फ़ाज़ों के जुगनू नहीं मिलते
गर मिलते तो ,तेरे ज़िंदगी में
अंधेरों के कोनों में उन्हें भर देती . .

मुझे अल्फ़ाज़ों के जुगनू नहीं मिलते ,
गर मिलते तो ,उन्ही से तेरी ज़िंदगी को
मेरे शब्दों से रोशन कर देती …

मुझे अल्फ़ाज़ों के जुगनू नहीं मिलते
गर मिलते तो ,तेरी ज़िंदगी की रातों में
जुगनुओं से ज्योत्सना भर देती .. निवेदिता

Doctors & Me 

When we talk about , “Woman” we picturise “Women of Substance’, “

But today I am writing about a woman,who is a Doctor by proffession and a beautiful lady and a heart of a Mother  . 

In  my new series of posts ,you all will be reading about wonderful Doctors ,I have come accross.  

My experience with Doctors “.. 

Normally ,we want to stay away from Doctors ,but when the pictures and reflexes comes to my mind of the Doctors I have met in the past few months , gives me a smile and a feel of happiness , posted at the higer posts and practicing as Senior Doctors,yet modest and down to Earth ,you will be in love with such Humble and kind Doctors.
First post in this series I am sharing ,is my meeting with Dr. Mrs. Ka “Meera Walang “.

 I met her at Shillong ,for my own problem which made me so worried and puzzled, but after meeting her all pain flew away.

Her journey of life is an inspiring one. 

She says that if one has a determination and passion for something, then even the biggest hurdle in life can be surpassed, what one needs is patience and consistency. 

She is a Dermatologist, She did her schooling and Collegiate from St. mary’s  Convent , Shillong . 

Further she pursued her MBBS from Dibrugarh and PG From Gauhati Medical College,  as Dermatologist.

She is practicing in Shillong ,with full determination and serving People with wholeheartedly.

A true to her saying, I have seen her dealing calmly even with her utmost impatient visitors. 

This very quality of hers,has won the heart of many patients she treats. 

Her mother, Ka Icilda Walang, is a housewife but her faith in God has given Dr Meera Walang ,much needed strength and belief at doubtful times. Her father, Late Lalchand ji Sachdeva, has remained an equally inspiring figure in her growth. The story of rags to riches, of her father, has taught her that no labour goes in vain.

What is needed is true intentions and commitment in work. She treats her patients with the feeling of serving the almighty. She indulge herself in lot of Social service by treating the needy free and helping them with free medicines , morning hours she meet her patients at home and rest of the time is spent at the Economic Hall and the Hospital.

She is nature loving , has a strong love for the Nature and has grown hundreds of species of different flowers at Home which is an inspiration for us , when in such busy schedule she can indulge herself with gardening and planting why cant we . ? 

She is very determined to her proffession, that even if she comes across a patient ,who is over worried and willing to spend a lot on medicine or surgery, she would not suggest it unless required.

 This is what differentiates her from the crowd. She not only sees patients at home but also take out time to visits other places in case people are unable to come ,due to there other problems. Her 24×7 attitude of service deserves admiration. Kudos to ladies like her who make Meghalaya proud….. “Nivedita”