Independence Celebrations 

Today I am feeling a void, the reason being that I had such an awesome day yesterday.

The whole surrounding was filled with the high spirit of patriotism and related activities of enthusiasm.

The feeling was common in each of us. Everyone contributed and complemented the day in their own ways.

The dishes were extra delicious. All from food to clothes were into Tri colour .

Even our Temple and our Kanhaji was flying kites and hoisting Flag.

The kids and we all were full of pride looking at our National flag and singing National Anthem and Song , patriotism was madly in us and it is always there ,but due to hectic schedule and day to day workload, it somewhere somehow fathoms deep .

From one year old to 60 yr old, everyone was dressed in tricolours

participation of all at the terrace for kite flying brought about an adrenaline that ran in each one of us, even my nephew, 2-year-old, was holding the charkhi  for his kite “pang”(as he pronounced his Patang). [w

The youngest one is one-year-old and trying to copy us to fly the tricolour kite in her own style .

The shout of ‘Boh-Kaataaa…’ from our terrace and that of our neighbours ,was like renewing the bond of brotherhood and love. The calls of friends, relatives and smiles on the dear ones are what I like the most and wish the hangover to stay the way as it is……

In the middle of it ,none of us forgot to thank and pay our tribute to our Soldiers and our Army , Defence and even the Police who is always underestimated . They are the reason why we are so happily and safely celebrating the festival of Independence at our homes .

They are at borders , and there posts on duty to secure us from all the unforeseen dangers .

A Bow Salute to them and our PM Shri Narendra Modi to make us so confident that we are very strong to tackle any circumstances and challenges .


Jay Hind जय Hind की सेना …. Jay Bharat .. Vande Matram.. “Nivedita”

34 thoughts on “Independence Celebrations 

                    1. So am I, its just that tradition and custom in India changes in every 100 yards . We are typical Brahmins (Vaishnav) following the AtivishisthDvait Parampara, till today Onions and Garlic doesnt reaches our kitchen, and cooking is an art anything prepared with good heart and offered to God ,always tastes good and best . and traditionally we are from Rajasthan so we are proved foodie and Rich in tradition and food .:)

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  1. Nice patriotic thoughts . Wish independence & republic day come often to your life so that we the readers can enjoy your posts : sometimes you write in English & sometimes in Hindi . But your command over both the languages is superb . Are you also there in the Pic : Nivideata , Bhatdaal ???


    1. Thank you so much for your visit and reading Sir , I am glad you like my work. yes I am everywhere in the pics the one in the middle with the Flag is me . 🙂 and How I we could everyday celebrate our day of Freedom .. 🙂 At our home from ages ,Sweets and special delicacies are being prepared from the mothers and grand mothers .. this hangover continues till the coming one .


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